It’s Snow Fun: Preparing Your Home For A Snowstorm
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6 Things to Do When Preparing Your Home For A Snowstorm

While many of us look forward to the snow, this weather can bring with it a number of problems from leaks to plumbing issues. As winter fast approaches, now could be the time to prepare. Here are just some of the ways in which you can prepare your home for a snowstorm.

Fix up any roof damage

You don’t want to have any cracks in your roof when the snow starts settling. If there are cracks, you’ll soon end up with a leak. The cold weather could also make these cracks worse, leading to even greater leaks in the future. All in all, you don’t want this to happen. If you’ve already noticed water getting in, consider hiring a roof repair company to take a look and assess the damage. Alternatively, you could try your own roof repairs if you think you know the problem.

Clean out your guttering

Water that has collected in blocked guttering could freeze as the temperatures plummet. There’s a risk that this frozen guttering could then come away from the wall during a storm and potentially cause further damage as it falls down. By removing blockages of leaves and dirt from your guttering you can ensure that water keeps flowing through, preventing it from freezing. This is something you may be able to do yourself. Alternatively, you can try hiring a guttering expert to clean it out for you.

Insulate your pipes

During very cold weather, pipes can freeze – which could stop water getting through them or cause damage to your plumbing. This is less likely to happen if your pipes are insulated. For this reason, it’s worth investing in pipe insulation if you haven’t already got it.

Stock up on salt grit

Grit could be useful for getting rid of snow and ice around your home. If you have a driveway, laying down grit could prevent your car from getting snowed in. If you have an exterior staircase leading from your home, grit could prevent this from becoming a slippery death trap. It’s worth stocking up early in order to secure some grit – don’t wait until the snow arrives, as by this point everyone will be shopping for grit.

Invest in a snow blower

Using a snow blower could be an alternative to laying down grit on your driveway. As the name suggests, these gadgets help to blow away the snow. There are many different models to choose from on the market – this guide is a fantastic read and compares a few of the best snow blowers. Make sure to give the instructions a thorough read before you start using this gadget.

Shelter your plants

The snow has the potential to kill off many of your garden plants. To prevent this, consider sheltering your plants to fend off the snow. This could include moving potted plants indoors or under a canopy. Alternatively, you can set up canopies over plants such as mesh tunnels to catch the majority of snow. There are frost plant protection bags on the market that you can also try using.

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