Mind of Mystikal Released 25 Years Ago Today
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Mind of Mystikal Released 25 Years Ago Today

 Mind of Mystikal Released 25 Years Ago Today

Before Mystikal was a No Limit soldier, he released an album back in 1994. In 1995, he re-released the album and named it Mind of Mystikal. Mind of Mystikal dropped 25 years ago today and I listened to this the first time riding with a friend. Unpredictable was a totally different album from the Mind of Mystikal. The big track from the album was Here I Go and that beat was insane in my homeboy’s system. During this time, we called him the Busta Rhymes of the south which was a compliment. Beware was the single that was being promoted and one he had a video for. While Mystikal didn’t get national recognition until the Unpredictable album, this was a good one. This is another one of those southern classics where a lot of the tracks were featured on mixtapes.

Here I Go was my favorite track off of his debut joint just off the beat alone. Out That Boot Camp Clicc, Murderer, Smoke Something and Mind of Mystikal are my other top tracks. Overall, the Mind of Mystikal is a dope record and it’s my Throwback Thursday for this week. Check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet
  2. Murderer
  3. Beware
  4. Hood Critic
  5. I’m
  6. Out That Boot Camp Clicc ft. Black Menace
  7. Not That Nigga ft. Michelle Tyler
  8. Smoke Something
  9. That Nigga Ain’t Shit
  10. Here I Go
  11. Never Gonna Bounce (The Dream)
  12. Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet (Remix)
  13. Not That Nigga (Remix)
  14. Dedicated to Michelle Tyler

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