6 Easy Fixes for a Water Heater Pilot Light
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6 Easy Fixes for a Water Heater Pilot Light

6 Easy Fixes for a Water Heater Pilot Light

Has your gas water heater stopped working? Then, there’s a chance that the water heater pilot light, that ignites the gas, might have been faulty. Basically, the pilot light turns up and ignites the gas. So, the water tank can get heated. If the water heater pilot light goes off, then the water heater won’t work at all.

And, when the pilot light doesn’t stay lit, your water heater loses its potential to serve you hot water. On the other hand, it can lead to gas build-up in the water heater. To prevent any dreadful consequences, it’s better to avail fixes for the water heater pilot light.

Here’s what you can try according to different aspects for repairing the water heater pilot light.


1.  Light the Pilot Light on your Own

If you notice that the pilot tight won’t light up on its own, then try this at first. The instructions of relighting the pilot light come with the water heater. The manufacturer must have mentioned the process of how to light the pilot light. Otherwise, hire an expert plumber if you don’t want to take any chance.

2.  Clean the Clogged Pilot Tube

The gas passes through the pilot tube. If debris accumulates in the pilot tube, then it makes it difficult for the gas to pass freely. Eventually, the pilot light doesn’t get enough fuel to light itself up. As a consequence, you are failing every attempt to get your water heated. Luckily, it’s one of the simplest jobs when it comes to water heater pilot light.

Grab a needle that can slide into the hole of the pilot tube. Insert that needle and try to collect the debris carefully, without harming the pilot tube. Pay extra attention because a simple mistake can lead to severe outcomes and the gas might leak from the pipe.

On the other hand, this fix needs a couple of hits and trials according to the amount of debris accumulation. After proper cleaning, check if the water heater pilot light works. As a sign of success, you would observe a blue flame and that’s an indication of a healthy flame. If you find any difficulty while cleaning the pilot tube, contact Plumber Dubai for expert intervention.


3.  De-tangle Crimped Flex Tube

The flex tube is something that is responsible for drawing the gas from the gas controller. And, with years of use, the tube might encounter several twists and turns. As a result, the passage of the gas can get blocked. If the gas can’t make its way towards the water heater pilot light, then clearly, the pilot light won’t ignite any more. It doesn’t belong to a thermocouple issue and there is a simple fix available for this particular problem.

Examine the flex tube carefully to discover the curls within the tube. Uncurl the pipe by turning off the gas supply. Additionally, check if the pipe has got any wear and tear. If everything goes perfectly fine, then you can turn on the connections to the water heater and look for if the issue is still there. In case, the issue still persists, the complication might be leveraged due to thermocouple.


4.  Replace Wrecked Thermocouple

The thermocouple associated with the water heater enables the passage of the gas to the burner after sensing the temperature of the pilot. When the thermocouple is not in its workable condition, then it can’t allow the gas to the pilot and burner. And, the pilot light doesn’t ignite any more.

To know if the thermocouple is the culprit behind the water heater malfunction, you have to inspect the thermocouple thoroughly. Ensure if the sensor of the thermocouple slightly contacts the flame when the pilot ignites up. If it doesn’t or has bent in, then carefully revert the position of the sensor back towards the pilot.

If you can’t understand how to deal with a thermocouple that seems OK, then avail a multimeter. The multimeter must show an indication above 20MV. If you notice any reading less than that, then the thermocouple is simply damaged. And, there is no other way rather than replacing it.


How to Set the New Thermocouple?

If you are left with no other way than replacing the thermocouple on your own, then you have to gather wrenches, screwdrivers, dish soap and a new thermocouple. First, turn off the gas line. Carefully, shut the valve.

Also, don’t forget to shut down the control valve. Detach the access to the burners. Use the screwdriver and remove the nuts from the lines of thermocouple, gas and pilot. Next, you have to remove the water heater pilot light system. Remove the damaged thermocouple.

Moreover, you should have a new thermocouple resembling that ruined one. After you successfully install the thermocouple, put back the water heater pilot light attachment into the device. Afterwards, you have to join the three lines of thermocouple, gas and pilot to the control valve.

Turn on the valve to check if there is any leak in the pipe. Use a solution of soap and water to test if there is any leak at the joints of the screw and nuts. If there is any leak, then the soapy solution would form bubbles. If the entire process appears to be tricky, then avail reliable plumbing services from Plumber Dubai.


5.  Remove Dirt from the Thermocouple

After using so many tricks if the pilot light doesn’t stay lit for long, then look in the thermocouple. If the sensor can’t receive electrical signals from the pilot, then it’s not possible to light up the pilot. And, accumulated dirt and build-up can distract the thermocouple from its sensing task. You need to disassemble the components again to reach the thermocouple.

Firstly, switch off the gas connection. Then, proceed to clean the thermocouple. Get a piece of sandpaper and rub the surfaces of the thermocouple gently.


6.  Replace Control Valve

Have a look at the control valve if none of the above solutions is responding for your gas water heater. The control valve might have encountered an issue and need to be replaced. So, invest in a good control valve and eradicate all issues with water heater pilot light.


Give a Call to the Experts…

If the issue seems to be stubborn and you can’t resolve it on your own, ask for help from professional plumbers. The professionals know what will benefit you, they understand your requirements and emergency situations the most. Don’t take any chances if the condition worsens.

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