Daddy’s Day In- 3 WFH Tips for Dads With Kids Around

Daddy’s Day In- 3 WFH Tips for Dads With Kids Around

Daddy’s Day In- 3 WFH Tips for Dads With Kids Around

Parenting is a challenge, and the pandemic has made it even tougher. As you work from home, you need to focus on your job despite the distractions with the kids scampering around the house. While mommies find the situation a tad easier to deal with, it takes a toll on dads who are not used to juggling a lot together. Since remote working seems to be a lasting arrangement for most businesses, dads need to have a strategy to give their best despite the WFH challenges they face. If you are struggling with the situation, here are a few tips that can help.

Keep a schedule

Parenting works well if you have proper schedules and routines. Right now, kids crave them even more as they aren’t going to school or the part as they did before the pandemic season. Your day should start with planning a schedule, and the activity should involve your spouse and the kids as well. Create a plan for the day, balancing study, housework responsibilities, and playtime. Let the children know that you will have family time with them during the day, provided that they wouldn’t distract you while at work. If you have young kids, divide the tasks with the spouse according to individual work schedules to ensure that no one misses out on work, and the toddler gets the care they deserve.

Prioritize your productivity

Regardless of the WFH challenges you face, there is a need to pay extra attention to your productivity. Your job deserves attention because it’s going to keep the household running. Productivity greatly depends on the WFH device you use, and Mac takes the cake on any day. Make sure that you use all its productivity features to your advantage, whether it is the keyboard shortcuts, split screens, hot corners or Siri. If there are issues, fix them at the earliest. Fortunately, you can handle many problems on your own. For example, here is a guide to deal with Big Sur issues.  When it comes to achieving productivity, having a dedicated home office can also make a difference.

Get help if you need it

Even the best parents may not be able to manage things in a crisis like this one. A typical workday at home is likely to be packed with meetings, client presentations, regular tasks, and a lot more. If your spouse works too, she will probably have a similar set of challenges to deal with. Don’t skimp spending on help if you need it because the expense will be worthwhile. If dropping kids at a daycare center does not seem like a safe option during the pandemic, consider hiring a nanny for younger children. For the older ones, enroll them in classes or keep them busy with crafts. You can let them play games, but imposing screen time limits are equally important.

Managing your professional responsibilities and daddy duties may seem like a challenge, but you will enjoy it eventually if you see things in a positive light. Take the experience as an opportunity to get closer to the family and seek inspiration from your partner.

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