A Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Right Smoking Pipe

A Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Right Smoking Pipe

A Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Right Smoking Pipe

For someone who has smoked cannabis for a long time, finding the right pipe may be the easiest thing to do. It is because you learn everything down the years, from ideal sizes to shapes, styles, and materials that work for you. However, the choice can be overwhelming for the newbies because the sheer range of options can confuse you. It is hard to understand the difference between these products and pick the one that matches your lifestyle and preference. Let us share a guide that can help new weed users to choose the right smoking pipe.

Bigger is not always better

When it comes to the size of smoking pipes, don’t expect bigger to be better. With handheld variants, a small size that fits in your palm is better because it lets you smoke easily and conveniently. Additionally, handy pieces are discreet, so you can smoke stealthily anywhere without anyone even knowing about it. Bongs are the larger ones that are best if you want to use them at home and wouldn’t mind the size.

Material is an important parameter

Another important factor while selecting your pipe is material. It can make all the difference, from how the piece feels in your hand to the way it delivers smoke and how you need to clean and maintain it. Typically, blown glass is the most popular material for cannabis lovers. For tobacco bugs, you can choose among different smoking pipe types including Briarwood, corn cobs, and Meerschaum. Plastic, silicone, and metal are some other options to explore.

Pay attention to quality

Paying attention to quality is equally important because not all smoking pipes are created equal. When you invest in one, you would want something durable and lasting. Thin, poorly manufactured glass is brittle and can break easily. Moreover, it can even affect the flavor, which has a far-reaching impact on the overall experience. Choose a piece crafted in high-quality blown glass because it will last longer if you take good care. Even if you are opting for other materials, never compromise with quality.

Check the cleaning method

When you choose any smoking accessory, you need to be committed to regular cleaning because they tend to gather resin over time. The deposits can affect the aroma, purity, and flavor of the herb and block the airflow as well. Pick a low-maintenance piece that wouldn’t require a lot of effort with regular cleaning. Different materials such as glass, wood, metal, and plastic have varying cleaning protocols. Make sure that you check each of them before buying them. Also, pipes with small and complex parts are harder to clean, so steer clear of them if you are pressed for time.

Finally, pay attention to the functionality of the pipe because everything boils down to how well the accessory performs. Consider your smoking style and check whether the holes and bowls are compatible with it. If you expect big hits, you will need one with big holes and a wide chamber. Most importantly, be prepared for errors because you will probably learn better with hit and trial as every new smoker does.

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