Home Renovation Trends to Watch in 2021
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Home Renovation Trends to Watch in 2021

Home Renovation Trends to Watch in 2021

This year has been a challenging year for all of us from almost every aspect. With much change and uncertainty impacting our lives, it can be challenging for most of us to look ahead or plan for the next year. However, the pandemic situation that we all went through will greatly influence decorating, renovating, or designing our homes.

If contemplating renovating your home in 2021, you may be in a state of confusion regarding the design trends to follow and the ones to ignore. Interior designing styles are changing all the time, and it is a challenge to stay abreast of all that is the latest.

We perceive that 2021 will see a revival of fashioned styles, arts and crafts, and more organic textures in interior design trends.

Let us find out what trends will be hot and the ones that you should pick for your home.


The new trend is directed towards multi-functional furniture, and there is a growing demand for furniture that can be used in more ways than one. It works as an excellent tip for the ones who are short on space and also looking to save some money.

Doors and windows will provide new avenues for décor purposes and increased security and safety through features like security vault doors and more.

A cool idea will be to opt for furniture that doubles as both decoration and function.

Natural textures and cheerful colors

There will be a renewed appreciation for more traditional and less hi-tech things, making us divert from the digital lives that we live. Be it a rustic looking wood or a mat, and all will join the trend. The feel of the grain and the natural colors will be in vogue. Those natural imperfections in authentic materials and natural textures like wood, wool, or stone will make it to the new trend.

For wooden flooring or wood-like flooring like the ones available with reclaimflooringco, it can be the right way to follow the emerging 2021 trends.

If the pandemic left you feel down and bleak, the last thing you will want is to make your home look dull and depressing. As we go about renovating our home for 2021, warm, bright, and sophisticated shades like bold yellow, blonde, beige, mustard, and other similar colors will make your house bloom.

Arts and Crafts

The 2021 trend for arts and crafts will show a strong influence of the designs born out of the industrial revolution. These design themes focus on handmade decorative pieces, signifying the damaging effects of the machine dominated production.

The trend will be a revival that will give momentum to the appreciation of handmade and decorative objects of varied styles, materials, and purposes.

As an extension of this trend, you will see the antique and retro pieces finding their places in our homes. Intense colors with a vibrant and cohesive aesthetic will add plenty of contrast and character to your spaces.

The key here will be to build a vintage style at your home gradually. It means layering your design theme with layers through antique objects chosen over time.


It’s something that need not go out of vogue for reasons known to all. The houseplants were never as fashionable as they are today. Be it the retro styles creepers or the hanging pots and the beautiful and bright seasonal blooms, and these plants will suit every style and space in your home.

Yes, indoor plants are back and will remain so for a long time. Not only are these beautiful, but they also add to the vibrancy of your home. Moreover, these plants freshen the air, filtering the pollutants, and releasing oxygen.

Therefore, go ahead, flex your green thumb, as these indoor plants need minimal space, and many of these require less sun and little care. Depending on your skill level, taste, and space available with you, you will find plants that will be ideal for you.

The home renovation trends of 2021 will focus on reinventing and refreshing your home with creative use of space, giving it a modern and encouraging feel. Get ready and get started to catch on with the emerging home renovation trends of 2021.

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