RedDrop Helps Parents Prepare for Daughter’s First Period
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RedDrop Helps Parents Prepare for Daughter’s First Period

RedDrop Helps Parents Prepare for Daughter’s First Period

Ever since fatherhood came knocking on the door, I’ve always been involved with every aspect of their lives. Throughout the years that have consisted of countless times without any sleep. As they have gotten older, none of that has changed. When my son started having those tough questions as a teenager, it was pretty easy to answer. When it comes to having daughters, that’s another level of questioning. Most of those times I was able to help. When they began to get to become young ladies, the questioning became more directed towards mom. Fortunately, my oldest daughter had a great support group and was too embarrassed to talk to dad. My youngest daughter is still a daddy’s girl and will talk to me about a little bit of everything. One of those conversations has been about her getting periods.

RedDrop Helps Parents Prepare for Daughter’s First Period

Trust me, this is definitely one of those conversations that all dads need to have with their daughters. One of the things I’ll say is that it’s eye opening and one that was very uncomfortable. Of course, this is something that was talked about with my wife around. We let her know that this is something that’s natural and one we had to talk about. If you are a father, it’s never a bad idea to have this conversation about her first period. My wife done most of the talking and educated me about what to expect when the time come. We had a great plan in place, and everything went well, but that’s not always the case. There are companies out there to help ease the conversation with your young daughter. One company that comes to mind is one called RedDrop.

RedDrop is the first feminine hygiene brand that helps empower school age girls. They offer an amazing subscription service just for the girls. The RedDrop period kit is something all parents of young girls should subscribe to. Every kit is filled with everything she will need to feel confident whenever her period starts. The kit has something amazing things in it and you can check it out below:

RedDrop Helps Parents Prepare for Daughter’s First Period

The RedDrop Period Kit contains all the things the girl needs whenever her cycle begins. RedDrop will ship all the things mentioned below along with some things she will absolutely love.

  • 1 Special Gift Just for Her
  • 30 Everyday Pads for Days with Heavy Flow
  • 14 FlowDay Pads for Heavy Flow Days
  • 14 FlowNight Pads to Help with a Comfortable Night of Sleep
  • 1 Hand Bad to Carry Everything Needed
  • 12 Feminine Wipes Individually Wrapped That Easy for Them to Carry


The price for the RedDrop Period Kit is only $29.99. The packaging is really nice, and it’s cool they include a pouch to keep the products she needs in. The bag is nice and stylish also, which is a plus for the young ladies. She can place the bag into her purse or keep it in her book bag also. With the holidays around the corner, this would make a great Christmas gift for your daughter. If you have a niece, friend or another family member that will be having periods, consider RedDrop also. To learn more about RedDrop, check their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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