What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?
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What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?

What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?

Are the basketball courts in your neighborhood usually crowded? Instead of being disappointed every time you take your kid to one of these courts or wish to shoot some hoops with your friends, make sure you purchase your own basketball hoop.

Nowadays, one can choose from a myriad of basketball hoops, available in various sizes, types, materials, and prices. It’s paramount for the residential model you purchase to suit your outdoor space, provide height adjustability, and minimize the risk of injuries.

These are the most crucial aspects to consider when looking for the best model for your yard.


The primary factor to consider when shopping for a basketball hoop is the type, generally depending on the location where you plan to install this piece of equipment. For instance, in-ground models, as the name implies, are secured in the ground through a process of concrete installation. These hoops provide excellent stability, greater safety, and incredible performance.

Moreover, the in-ground models are suitable for families who wish to have such a structure installed in their backyards permanently. Their height can be easily adjusted in order to be convenient for players of different ages. Keep in mind that the installation process lasts a couple of days, requiring the assistance of many people and the use of various tools.

In contrast, portable basketball hoops are equipped with wheels that allow players to move them around the area. Their base is generally filled with water or sand, whereas the backboard is made from plastic. Consequently, portable models are more affordable at the cost of being less durable, increasing the risk of trip and fall accidents while playing.

Ultimately, mountable models are suitable for individuals who lack the space for an in-ground or a portable hoop. These variants can be attached to a wall, garage, barn, or another similar structure. Although the mountable models provide fantastic stability, most of them cannot be adjusted to a preferred height. Click here to learn some handy tips for mounting a basketball hoop above your garage.

What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?

Rim and net

The rim and net are another essential consideration when looking for the best basketball hoop for residential use. The largest part of rims is eighteen inches in diameter, but these can be either static or breakaway. Static rims provide less safety and cause greater damage to the backboard in the course of a dunk. When a player dunks, the pressure on the static rim is big enough to cause backboard breakage.

In contrast, breakaway rims are equipped with a spring mechanism that provides flexibility when exposed to pressure. The models with breakaway rims are more appropriate for dunks, as the spring mechanism absorbs the shock. As a result, the backboard would be less susceptible to breaking and shattering as well.


The backboard is a vital part of basketball hoops, which affects the longevity of the overall structure as well as playability. Those made from tempered glass are believed to be the highest-quality models in the market, as this material is used in the production of backboards in gyms, high schools, and colleges.

Tempered glass is known to provide excellent rebound performance and doesn’t crumble in the case of breakage. Similar to a windshield, the broken pieces of glass aren’t scattered but remain in one place, thus preventing injuries.

Moreover, acrylic backboards are almost identical in appearance to those of tempered glass; only these aren’t as heavy. Due to the lightweight of the material, these models provide players with different experience in terms of bouncing.

In addition, polycarbonate backboards are popular for their lightweight and remarkable longevity. These models are highly resistant to weather elements and impacts, experiencing no changes in appearance. Visit the following link, https://www.britannica.com/science/polycarbonate, to check out the most prominent features of polycarbonate.

In terms of size, smaller backboards range from 44 to 54 inches, whereas mid-sized variants are a maximum of sixty inches. Those above 60 inches are considered overly large for residential use, given these are mainly used in gyms and schools.

Final thoughts

Basketball hoops provide fun for the entire family. Both kids and adults enjoy shooting some baskets and spending time together!

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