5 Great Christmas Present Ideas for Your Dad
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5 Great Christmas Present Ideas for Your Dad

5 Great Christmas Present Ideas for Your Dad

With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is on to start buying gifts for your friends and family. Be organized this Christmas, and don’t let yourself get caught in the great Christmas Eve present dash. Dads can be hard to buy for, but we have collected some amazing gifts that your dad is sure to be amazed by.


Buying jewelry is such a sentimental gift to anyone, and your dad will treasure it knowing that his child has bought him such a thoughtful present this Christmas. It’s something that he is sure to keep for the rest of his life. Stephen David Leonard have this selection of high-quality personalized jewelry pieces. They sell so many varieties of gorgeous accessories that your dad is sure to love, from silver dog tags to men’s cuff bracelets. Your dad will be sure to appreciate a piece of jewelry this Christmas.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

If your dad is someone who loves a good puzzle to do in his free time, treat him to a personalized jigsaw puzzle. You can choose to make it a tough challenge for him and give him a huge 1000-piece jigsaw to complete, or you could choose a smaller one so that he can see the picture on the jigsaw quicker. Choose any photo you want – it could be a photo of you both, a photo of you and your siblings, his favorite sports team, the list goes on.


At first this gift idea may sound odd, but the array of unique, high quality stationery that you could gift to your dad would make for such a great present. You could splash out and get him a gold or silver pen so that whenever he signs his name, he can do it in style! You could also engrave the pen with a message or his initials. Perhaps treat him to a notepad to go along with it – you could give him a leather-bound notebook, for example.

Family Portrait

A fantastic personal present for your dad is an illustrated family portrait of you and your family. You can commission artists/illustrators to draw or paint the image. It is completely up to you what kind of style you want the artwork to be but think about your dads’ style and the interior of his house to make sure that it goes with his décor.


How about treating your dad to a gorgeous leather wallet? A wallet is such a great gift, as it’s something that people don’t usually buy for themselves, and if they do, they often don’t treat themselves to a high quality one. You can also purchase engraved wallets that can either have his initials written or printed onto the wallet itself, or you can even get a photo upload wallet so it could have a picture of you and him on the front or the whole family.

Your dad will absolutely adore any of these gifts. After an uncertain and tense year, treat him to something special.

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