First-Time Dabbing Experience: What You Must Know

First-Time Dabbing Experience: What You Must Know

Like any other concentrates of THC and CBD, dabs are too extracted by using solvents which ultimately results in a sticky substance. As per the consistency of the substance, they are then categorized into hash oil, wax, shatter and many more. A dab is generally heated before inhaling it through a dab rig.

All the potent elements can be extracted from cannabis, like THC and terpenes. However, the extraction part isn’t easy. One needs to take extra caution to preserve the elements from the plants. So, to protect the goodness of the sticky substance, you need to find the perfect container to store it for best results.

Safety First

One of the most critical aspects of dabbing is taking care of safety first. For an outsider, seeing someone with blowtorch, nails and sticky substance wouldn’t seem like an unsafe situation. The use of a potent solvent to extract the elements from the cannabis plant is where you need to take proper caution and care. One of the key elements to look out for is while loading the butane in the blowtorch. Make sure the nozzle is well adjusted to prevent it from any leaking.

Steps for Dabbing

If you are someone that hasn’t taken the time to learn how to dab, you might find the process intimidating. But this is all part of being a beginner. Before you jump right into it, here are some of the easiest ways to start the process of dabbing: For beginners, the process of dabbing might seem intimidating. Here is the easiest way to start the process of dabbing:

  • Heat the nail with a blowtorch and make it glow red. The extensive heat removes contaminants from the nail. Once it’s red let it cool off for a while.
  • When the nail is of the desired temperature, place the dab on the nail.
  • Lastly, inhale the vapor slowly for best results.

Where Can I store my concentrates?

You need a place which will help you keep the concentrate in the best shape as long as possible. You can easily buy dab containers, online which are specially formulated and designed to hold your concentrates. With the help of these containers, your inventory will be hidden in plain sight and be safe from children, which is legally required.

What to look for in a Dab Rig?

When you are looking for your first dab rig, there are a few key features you need to look into-

  • Size- The main concerns while dabbing is to ensure the vapor isn’t extremely hot while inhaling. Choosing the right size of the dab rig will make sure the vapor is of the right temperature. Generally, dabbers prefer small dab rigs.
  • Filtration- The more the complex the filtration process, the harder it will be for you to clean. Also, the potent elements get left out during the filtration process. Minimal filtrations are what many prefer.
  • Design– It also plays a significant role in ensuring the effectiveness of your dab rig. You should choose the design with less volume to provide the best results.

For the first time dabber, all this information might be overwhelming. So, before investing massive amounts of money into your dabbing equipment, make sure to try it once. It will help you figure out if it is for you or not. If you like it, make sure to get the best accessories to make your whole experience finer and better.

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