Weight Loss and Marijuana - The Inevitable Connection
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Weight Loss and Marijuana – The Inevitable Connection

Weight Loss and Marijuana - The Inevitable Connection

“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit unnatural?”

-Bill Hicks


A 2019 research paper by Consumer Report claims that 64 million people tried CBD or CBD products in the last two years. Out of this, 22% said CBD helped them replace prescribed over-the-counter drugs to a considerable extent.

Whether you ever consumed marijuana or not but must have heard or seen that people often overeat after consuming the herb. On the contrary, researchers claim that CBD makes people eat less, remain healthy, and shed those extra lbs.


Weight loss and marijuana – The inevitable connection

People have been making noise about marijuana consumption until the American Journal of Epidemiology released a report. The researchers claimed that the rate of obesity was higher among people who do not consume marijuana than who did. This somewhere accelerated the consumption of weed in Sacramento to an extent. Further, NCBI found out the relationship between marijuana and (BMI) body mass index, leaving a huge impact on one’s overall weight.


How marijuana leads to weight loss?

Professionals have accredited theories to prove how marijuana helps with weight loss. And here’s how it contributes

1. Less alcohol, less weight gain – Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to excessive weight gain. And CBD helps to limit and then in some cases, eradicates the alcohol consumption.


2. Increase mobility – Overweight or obsessed people often find mobility a massive challenge to deal with. Here, marijuana helps to an extent. It makes the sufferer highly active and soothes body stiffness. Resulting, people are more likely to move, exercise, and feel light throughout the day.


3. Reduces stress – Studies prove that stress makes people crave for unhealthy food, eat more often, which ends up in excessive weight gain. Besides this, stress alleviates the stress hormone cortisol adding more to weight gain issues. Here, CBD tea or gummies do wonders. It helps stabilize one’s mental state while helping them remain happy, healthy, and active.


4. Insomnia = weight gain – That’s absolutely true! The more sleepless nights you spend, the more you add to your unhealthy weight gain. Insomnia not just tenfold stress levels but also, adds to weight gain, severe mood swings, poor lifestyle, eating disorders, etc. To this, consuming CBD can prove productive. CBD, consumed in any form soothes one’s mind, helps them remain calm, and makes weight loss easier and effective for you.


Pro Tip – No matter in what form or amount you are intaking CBD, it is advisable to consult a practitioner before consuming it.


Key takeaway –

In the present age, millions of people consume CBD (cannabidiol) in a variant form for multiple health benefits. Some of the most common health leverages of CBD include – weight loss, soothing mental health, boosting metabolism, etc. Out of all, a high majority of people consume CBD to get rid of increased body weight.

CBD does help losing weight while increasing mobility, makes people eat less, reduces stress level, improves the quality of sleep and life, etc. And all these factors make people remain slim and active.

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