A Dad's Moving Guide: 6 Tips for A Smooth Relocation with Kids

A Dad’s Moving Guide: 6 Tips for A Smooth Relocation with Kids

A Dad's Moving Guide: 6 Tips for A Smooth Relocation with Kids

Founding and buying your dream house, one that is perfect for you, your partner, and children, is just one step when it comes to starting a new chapter in your family’s life. As a dad, you’ve probably been amazed by the house’s huge yard, welcoming neighbors that love to grill, lovely parks to take walks in, and also great schools for your children. But the state of awe quickly fades when you realize you have to move as soon as possible.

Moving alone is a tricky business, but when you have to do it with your family, especially children, it adds new layers to the entire process. Even before you start thinking about packing and organizing your belongings, you have to develop a plan to make the move seem like a breeze. We’ve put together a list for you that will come in handy when it’s time to move with children.

1. Think ahead

Don’t make the mistake of leaving everything in the last week or day. It’s always a great idea to start planning early. With the right attitude and a great plan in your mind, you won’t have to stress yourself on moving day because you’re unprepared for the challenge. Start organizing belongings, packing things a few weeks before the big day.

2. Focus on your kids

Yes, a moving plan is mostly about packing, organizing, cleaning, and making sure nothing is left behind. But this doesn’t mean that you should forget about your kids. Take a few hours to talk with your kids about the move and what they need to do. Think about what your kids need on the big day, such as meals, self-care items, extra clothes, or blankets.

3. Routine and a to-do list

While planning, don’t forget to set a schedule for yourself and your family. One of the best ways to make the move stress-free is to create a schedule that includes all the steps of the move, so everybody knows what will happen, step by step. Also, have a to-do list in your plan. It will help your kids know their tasks, meaning simple jobs that can be carried out with ease. For extra efficiency, make them shortlists that include packing and cleaning duties.

4. Don’t forget about decluttering

One of the most tedious moving tasks has to be decluttering, especially when it comes to your children’s stuff. Have a talk with your kids about their possessions, go through the items, and decide what remains and what needs to be thrown out. If your kid is hesitant about some stuff, especially those he or she hasn’t touched in years, you should let them know that they probably no longer need them.

5. Help 1: Babysitter

Moving with a baby is complicated. It’s a great idea to hire a sitter, so you and your partner can focus on packing and organizing in peace, without having to worry about the baby. Hiring a babysitter will make those precious hours really efficient, and you can get more things done in that period than in the days when you also had to take care of the baby’s needs.

6. Help 2: Moving company

When you feel like you are overwhelmed with the moving duties, you should ask for help. Professional moving firms, such as Empire Movers, are more than happy to assist you and take off the burden of relocating off your shoulders. With the right help, the complete process will be easy and seem like child’s play. If you are moving to an apartment, you could also hire a special group of apartment movers.

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