The Sound of Revenge by Chamillionaire Turns 15
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The Sound of Revenge by Chamillionaire Turns 15

The Sound of Revenge by Chamillionaire Turns 15

Chamillionaire was one of the dopest mixtape rappers not only in Texas, but everywhere. His Mixtape Messiah series is legendary and he was damn good at marketing himself. Nowadays, Chamillionaire is deep in investing and no longer puts out music. 15 years ago today, Chamillionaire dropped his major label debut, The Sound of Revenge. Bun B, Scarface, Killer Mike, Lil Wayne, Pastor Troy and Krayzie Bone all appeared on The Sound of Revenge. Turn It Up was his first single and it featured another Texas artist in Lil Flip. Turn It Up was a nice track as both Flip and Chamillionaire are great rappers. The only other single Chamillionaire released off of The Sound of Revenge featured Krayzie Bone. Ridin’ Dirty was the single and it’s one of the biggest hip hop records of all-time.

Ridin’ Dirty sold over 4 million copies and it solidified Chamillionaire as one of the coldest coming out of Texas. There were so many remixes created off the track and it’s no doubt Chamillionaire’s biggest hit. The Sound of Revenge is definitely an album you need to own and check out for yourself. Ridin’, Rain, Void in My Life, Picture Perfect and Turn It Up are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing to The Sound of Revenge below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. The Sound of Revenge (Intro)
  2. In the Trunk
  3. Turn It Up ft. Lil Flip
  4. Ridin’ ft. Krayzie Bone
  5. No Snitchin’ ft. Bun B
  6. Southern Takeover ft. Killer Mike & Pastor Troy
  7. Radio Interruption
  8. Frontin’
  9. Grown and Sexy
  10. Think I’m Crazy ft. Natalie
  11. Rain ft. Scarface
  12. Picture Perfect ft. Bun B
  13. Fly As the Sky ft. Lil Wayne & Rasaq
  14. Peepin Me ft. Tami Latrell
  15. Void in My Life
  16. Outro

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