The Carter II Dropped 15 Years Ago Today
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The Carter II Dropped 15 Years Ago Today

The Carter II Dropped 15 Years Ago Today

Lil Wayne has been in the rap game for well over 20+ years now. Recently, Wayne dropped his No Ceilings 3 mixtape on us. Wayne was probably his hottest from around 2002-2005. In 2005, he released his classic mixtape, the Dedication with DJ Drama. Later that year, Wayne released the second installment of his Carter series. The Carter II dropped 15 years ago today. Of course, The Carter II is the follow-up to The Carter he released a year before. The Carter II went on to go double platinum after selling over 240,000 copies in the first week. Fireman was his first single and it went on to go platinum. Hustler Muzik was his second single and Lil Wayne dropped that in the beginning of 2006. While Hustler Muzik didn’t have the same success as Fireman, it’s one of my favorite songs from Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne dropped one more single off The Carter II and it featured Robin Thicke. Shooter was the name and it was another dope track from Wayne. Like Hustler Muzik, this one didn’t receive a lot of attention either but it was a great track. The Carter II was a great album, wouldn’t label it a classic but really good. Lock and Load, Grown Man, Hustler Muzik, Receipt and Shooter are my top 5 tracks. Check it out for yourself by listening to the stream links below. Before that, peep the tracks listing to this great album.

  1. Tha Mobb
  2. Fly In
  3. Money on My Mind
  4. Fireman
  5. Mo Fire
  6. On tha Block #1
  7. Best Rapper Alive
  8. Lock and Load ft. Kurupt
  9. Oh No
  10. Grown Man ft. Curren$y
  11. On tha Block #2
  12. Hit Em Up
  13. Carter II
  14. Hustler Muzik
  15. Receipt
  16. Shooter ft. Robin Thicke
  17. Weezy Baby ft. Nikki Jean
  18. On tha Block #3
  19. I’m a D-Boy ft. Birdman
  20. Feel Me
  21. Get Over ft. Nikki Jean
  22. Fly Out

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