10 Players with the Most Bookings in the 21st Century
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10 Players with the Most Bookings in the 21st Century

10 Players with the Most Bookings in the 21st Century

Some players own long illustrations and careers for their clubs, which has turned out picking up cards. It’s tough to carry out the whole tournament without committing a foul, although it doesn’t get you booked for the offenses. The slightest touch can end the players been in the referee’s book, and it is the most particular way to earn the booking. A mere fight with the referee’s decision or taking off your shirt to celebrate, you can make a booking with this slightest of all. This clearly shows that no one can be safe from books in this game, but some players still possess a staggering number of yellow cards. This article will discuss the top 10 players with the most bookings in the 21st century. For more such updates, stay tuned with crack streams.

#1 Emre Belözoglu – 181 Bookings

The player had a lasting career for more than two decades and possess 181 bookings in his name. The player started his professional career in 1996. The Turkish international was an active player until the last season of Fenerbahce with approx. 26 appearances. He has also been the director of Fenerbahce and has popularly known amongst his fans with technical skills.

#2  Giampiero Pinzi – 182 Bookings

The player made his debut with Lazio, but most of the bookings have been with Udinese as he spent most of his career with it. He also spent some of his time in Serie B and C under two years association/ Although he does not have many trophies in his career but has one senior appearance in Italy with 182 bookings in total.

#3 David Albelda – 183 Bookings

The player has spent most of his career with Valencia in La Liga and has played approx. 100 games before 2000. He received 183 bookings in his overall career. 177 was from his boyhood club, where he remained captain for more than a decade. He has been in the limelight due to arguments, defending, being score looser, and insulting opponents. Despite this, he won two La Liga titles and the UEFA cup and has been part of the most successful squad.

#4 Raúl García – 185 Bookings

The Spanish striker has got plenty of yellow cards. He played his fifth season with Los Leones and had made nine appearances while picking up two bookings. The previous campaign with Bilao led him to earn double digit bookings.

#5 Gabi – 189 Bookings

Gabi, due to pitch falls and defensive midfielder makes it into our list. He has been a former Atletico Madrid skipper and has received 122 yellows and eight reds. He last played with Al-Sadd.

#6 Daniele Conti – 190 Bookings

The player has been one of Serie A’s most booked with the highest number of yellow cards. He has been booked 190 times along with AS Roma and Cagliari in the Italian top-flight. He belongs to the footballer family by his father and brother, being a Romeo and Italy legend with many bookings.

#7 Xabi Alonso – 197 Bookings

He has been the most successful player of 21st century but also most booked. He has been prone to making fouls now and then. The player has won EURO and World Cup with Spain and has been booked 197 times. The main trouble was his lack of prone positioning towards committing tactical fouls while trying to stop the opposition from attacking.

 #8 Klaus Gjasula – 132 bookings

The player has 17 yellow cards in one season. The 32-year player has been booked 132 times in 329 games since his U19 match.

#9 Sergio Ramos 

Sergio is known for his undisputed leadership in real Madrid. He picked up 259 yellow in total 873 games, which made him sent to club level approximately 26 times.

#10 Gerardo Torrado-228 bookings

The player has more than 200 bookings and has spent extended time in Spain. The total booking received by him is 228.


This was all about the ten most booked payers in 21st century. However, the list goes more extended than this!

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