Include An Electric Standing Desk While Committing to Better Health in 2021
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Include An Electric Standing Desk While Committing to Better Health in 2021

Include An Electric Standing Desk While Committing to Better Health in 2021

New year, new you! A healthier lifestyle in 2021 is SO doable — nutritious food, more physical activity, and an electric standing desk at work.

As the New Year rolls around most of us make plans to improve our lifestyles — our health and wellness — to make the coming year better than the last. This has probably never been truer after the year we’ve had!

Now more than ever, health has been at the forefront of our consciousness. And, as we look forward to a new year – one that hopefully poses far less risk to our health and general well-being – we are looking for ways to help us feel our best.

Healthy eating and more physical activity are the standard strategies for improved health. But have you considered how your work-life impacts your physical and mental well-being? Hours, days, months, and years sitting at a desk can take their toll – possibly causing severe discomfort and even injury.

While merely standing at work doesn’t replace exercise, there are a host of reasons why an electric standing desk should be part of your health and wellness picture in 2021.

Why an electric standing desk?  

Include An Electric Standing Desk While Committing to Better Health in 2021

Many studies support the simple fact that a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for prolonged periods are bad for your health.

Sedentary individuals are more prone to aches and pains and weight gain, but also Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Referred to as “sitting disease,” extended time seated at a desk, as many of us are, can be challenging to counter with diet and exercise.

When you stand while you work, even for just a half-hour at a time, it can have a positive impact on your posture, your comfort, your physical and mental well-being, and your productivity.

A height-adjustable standing desk is ideal for desk workers. The ability to alternate effortlessly – with the push of a button – between sitting and standing as you need during the workday offers a multitude of benefits to your health and, ultimately, your performance at work.

Enhanced mood and productivity

Health and wellness are vital, of course, but productivity is one of our biggest goals at work. So much so that we tend to compromise our health and wellness to achieve it!

The simple fact is, prolonged sitting negatively impacts our wellness, beyond even that of serious physical discomfort. Intense sedentary time – as desk work can often be – can be linked to risks of both anxiety and depression.

Yes, standing to work might take a little getting used to – we’ve associated our work with sitting at a desk for so long. But many desk workers who’ve transitioned from sitting at work to standing up have found only positive effects on their workday and ability to efficiently complete daily activities and tasks.

When you’re able to alternate between sitting and standing easily with the help of an electric standing desk and listen to the needs of your mind and body, it results in less physical and mental discomfort. When you feel comfortable, you have better focus, concentration, and alertness. As a result, you’ll enjoy enhanced energy and mood, and ultimately, a boost to your efficiency and productivity.

Reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain

One of the biggest complaints of desk workers who sit most of the day is back, shoulder, and neck pain. It’s also something most adults will experience at some point in their lifetime.

Studies have found that workers who can shift from a sitting to a standing desk experienced a reduction in back and neck pain. Just a little more than an hour per day of standing can significantly enhance comfort at work, making for a happier, more productive workday.

Help with weight management

You may not think that simply standing to do your work could affect your weight. We encourage you to think again! Research has concluded that people who work at a standing desk are inclined to move more throughout the workday.

Just by standing intermittently throughout the day, you can burn an additional 50 calories per hour, helping to reduce the chances of weight gain. If you chose to stand for three hours throughout the workday, that would be about 750 additional calories burned – approximately 30,000 calories (or 8 pounds of fat!) over a year.

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