7 Things You Need to Know About Self Storage Facilities
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7 Things You Need to Know About Self Storage Facilities

Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own house, you may feel the need to stow away extra things that you don’t need daily. Storage facilities provide a space-saving solution. There are many storage facilities available in the market. However, depending on your specific needs, you may need to store your essentials either for short-term or long-term. You can find one anywhere whether it’s New York or commercial storage units Seattle.

Among storage facilities, you may find a plethora of options including self-storage and full-service stowing services. The former system is popularly used as an affordable option offering safe and secure means of storing your precious belongings. In the latter system, you can access valet facilities where the provider company may offer services of picking up the belongings and delivering it to the storage unit. So, if you are scouting for self-storage units, you may have to deliver your belongings to the unit. These units are relatively convenient and can be used for smaller things as well.

For people looking for a convenient stowing facility, it is also important to find a solution that offers high-end security. You can check out facilities such as https://www.storageplus.com.au/ that provide a diverse range of storage services. Make sure to find a size that can cater to your storage needs. You may find some self storage specials in your area with so many opening up now. Here’s all you may want to know before hiring a storage facility.

The size of a self-storage facility

Self-stowing facilities come in different sizes and shapes with different features. Depending on your requirement you can pick a size that befits your needs. Typically, the units that you may find in the market include 5×5 inches, 5×10 inches, 10×10 inches, 10×15 inches. For your larger needs, you may use the 10X20 inches cabinets. Well, you can find bigger sizes as well.

Top-rated providers in your area should be able to provide for your customized needs as well. Also, check the shape of the facility, that is whether you want a wide one or a compact one. Do you need one or many boxes?

The cost of hiring a facility

If you are planning to get a self-storage unit, you will need to consider the hiring cost. The price you will have to pay for a unit will depend on its capacity and the duration for which you will be hiring it. Many contractors recommend hiring them on a monthly basis, but this will differ from person to person. You can also choose to use it for either storing your belongings on a temporary basis or for the longer term, which is good news if you are making some big life changes. If you are, the location of your storage unit is important, and though the price shouldn’t fluctuate too much, this is something you will need to be mindful of. For example, if you are thinking about moving from Georgia to New York, taking the time to search “Storage Post New York” will help you to understand the options that are available and their costs. This is something that you should do in advance, as it will allow you to ensure that you have enough funds available.

Features of the stowing unit

Aside from the size and layout of the facility, the next vital thing that you will have to consider are the features offered by it. Here are the specifications that you need to pay close attention to when hiring this service.

– The number of locks on your storage unit

– Whether the facility offers climate control features. This is important especially for the outdoor facilities that you hire.

– Accessibility of the amenity. What is the frequency in which you can operate the units? Will you be able to operate it 24/7 or is there a specific time?

– What are the sizes offered?

– Is there a surveillance system to manage the security?

– What is the level of lighting?

Outdoor self-storage units 

When storing your belongings in cabinets that are constructed or stowed outdoors, you will have to look out for special features. Yes, the locking system is one while the other is climate control.

The temperature control storage cabinets can save your items from extreme weather conditions. So be it humidity, snow, rain or any weather type that involves a risk of damaging your goods outside, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe.

Additionally, such regulated stowing facilities prevent molds, mildew and other unfavorable conditions that may commonly arise in external conditions. If you are planning to store things like cardboard or other wooden products, wallpaper, carpets, clothes or even furniture, you will need a temperature-controlled stowing facility.

Things you can store 

There could be a multitude of things on your mind that you may need to store. Other than your household goods, most top-rated facilities may also allow items such as cars, boats, motorcycles, etc.

If you need special units for valuables or fragile items, you can check with your agency for the availability. Just make sure that you are aware of the level of security offered on every system. Check out this forum for knowing more about security and safety of stowing units.


7 Things You Need to Know About Self Storage Facilities

Your belongings, irrespective of their prices are valuable. It would be best to ask the contractor for insurance. Most reputable agencies should offer an insurance policy offering a cover on the stored items. With an insurance policy offered by the agency, you can be sure that any damage caused to your stored belongings will be compensated by the agency.

Depending on your need you may look for residential stowing facilities or business ones. Selecting residential units closer to home can help you pick your items and return them conveniently.

For your office stowing needs, you can hire self-stowing cabinets that can house anything from office furniture to archives, office equipment or any other office knick-knacks. Such facilities may come in handy, especially when you plan renovations for an existing office.

Additional services

Check if your provider can help you with additional services such as packing and moving. Before you stack them into a stowing unit, your belongings will have to be transported safely to the unit. Does your provider offer such services? If they do, you neither have to hire another contractor for the job nor slog yourself.

Hiring a service that’s close to your house and has a gated access facility has its perks. You can always seek feedback from previous customers or your friends and family to see how reliable the shortlisted providers are. Never compromise on the level of security offered and ensure the right locking mechanisms.

If you have any queries regarding your special items, then speak to your provider for specific recommendations on storing them in separately.

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    I agree that surveillance is also one of the things to look into when renting a self storage facility. I’d like to look for a good one soon because I’m thinking about moving to a different city. Being able to store away some of my furniture will surely help a lot in making that easier.

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