Check Out the Complete Guide to Test and Tag Adelaide

Check Out the Complete Guide to Test and Tag Adelaide

Check Out the Complete Guide to Test and Tag Adelaide

Since electricity has been invented, we got to experience all the benefits it has to offer. Many countries, businesses, and households can’t function without it since it powers almost everything we need to survive. There is a dangerous side to electricity though and when used incorrectly it can cause fires and even fatalities.

Businesses that use electrical equipment are prone to electrical faults which can cause serious accidents. It’s therefore important that any business that uses electrical equipment or appliances in order to operate have regular test and tags. Let’s have a closer look at test and tag Adelaide and what it entails.

What is Test and Tag?

The process is basically described in the name. A qualified and professional inspector will visually inspect any electrical appliances and equipment. The visual inspection will identify any visible problems like broken wires or damaged parts.

After the visual inspection the appliance will be electrically tested using a PAT (Portable Appliance Tester). The PAT test is to ensure that the appliance is working correctly without being prone to create any short circuits or other electrical problems. When the appliance or piece of equipment has passed the test, it will be tagged.

The tag features information about the process including the name of the technician performing the task, the date of the test and tag, and another date that states when the next test and tag is due.

Usually, this testing is done every three months, especially on equipment that is used on a regular basis and is prone to damage after vigorous use. Every three months the tag’s colors will change to indicate which period of the year it is. This is a great way to identify when the piece of equipment was tested and when the next due date is.

The frequency of testing might differ from industry to industry, as well as the working environment in which equipment is used.

Who Should Use This Service?

Certain industries are required, according to law, to test their portable electrical appliances at least every three months. These industries include those in mining, demolition, and construction. Other businesses aren’t required by law to test their appliances and equipment because they won’t be using it on a regular basis in a harsh environment. Learn more about companies that uses the most power here:

The most common reason why companies have to adhere to these rules and guidelines is to ensure the safety of their employees. There are legal repercussions when an employee gets hurt after using an unsafe appliance. It’s therefore, the company’s responsibility to hire a test and tag service in Adelaide to make sure all appliances are safe and secure.

This includes portable equipment and appliances that are rented out to other industries, as well as units that are used by the company’s own employees. Units that are rented out should go through a visual inspection before the hirer books it out.

If you are part of a business that hires electrical equipment from another company, then you should always make sure that the appliances have tags on them.


Who Are These Professionals?

The Australian Standard follows the AS/NZS 3760 rules and regulations for the test and tag industry. It’s important that businesses use registered, licensed, and qualified companies to perform test and tags to ensure it’s done according to this general guideline.

Professional technicians who can perform these duties have partake in a test and tag course in Australia. This course is important to ensure that the professional is able to use the PAT tester. According to the AS 3760 standards, a competent and trained person is also allowed to test and tag.

Services in Adelaide that offers testing and tagging will usually have qualified technicians who have finished courses and other additional training. It’s important that you request to see the Restricted Electrical Contractors License of the service to ensure that all their paperwork is in order.

There are specific testing procedures that need to be followed to ensure that the unit is performing to its optimum capacity without being prone to cause any electrical problems. Here is a list of testing procedures that a professional will carry out:

  • Visual inspection to check for any external damage or defects like exposed cords and broken sheaths
  • Testing insulation, continuity, earth circuit, and functionality
  • Doing a polarity wire and leakage test
  • Checking for any damaged plugs, sockets, or accessories

All of these procedures follow the guidelines set by the AS 3760 using a PAT. In many cases, the most faults are found during the visual inspection. But to the untrained eye, these faults might go unnoticed.

Check Out the Complete Guide to Test and Tag Adelaide

What Kind of Equipment and Appliances Should Be Tested and Tagged?

Types of equipment that has to be tested is any device with a removable plug, a flexible cable, and a voltage not exceeding 50 volts. This includes cord sets, portable RCD’s, EPOD’s, extension leads, electrical drills, and other power-driven hand tools.

Read this to learn more about electrical equipment classifications and different types of appliances.

Report Cards

It’s the responsibility of the professional testing service to provide clients with an ETS Asset register and certificate to prove that the device has been successfully tested and either passed or failed. These reports will include the following very important information:

  • Bar code and appliance description
  • Serial number
  • Dates of inspection and next due date
  • Results of the procedure and any other comments
  • Specific information on the location where it was tested and to whom it belongs to
  • Whether there has been any changes or repairs made to the device
  • Inspector’s name and company of employment

It has become extremely important to practice caution when handling electrical equipment. To ensure your company is following the rules and guidelines set by the Australian government, make sure that you hire a test and tag service in Adelaide to ensure the safety of your employees.

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