Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Are you thinking to use a dab on your next trip?  But you are not sure what features to look for to find a perfect dabbing companion on the go.

With so many varieties and brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to select a device that can offer you a top-end extract experience on your personal or business tour. Several products can become part of your traveling rig.

Whatever device you choose to enjoy your cannabis extracts on a trip, make sure it has a compact size, discreet, convenient to pack and handle, easy to clean, and offers a perfect flavor.

You still find it hard to choose the best dab travel rig that is easy to carry around and efficient to enjoy a superior extract experience.

Do not worry anymore!

We have explored different features, including quality, durability, and design of various brands, to make a list of dabs that offer the best on-the-go vaping experience.

Nectar Collector Dab Kit

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Do you want a dab travel rig that is compact-sized, convenient to use, and efficient enough to deliver the required results? Look no further!

Nectar collector dab kit has everything that a traveling dabber needs to have in his/her bag. Coming in a super compact size and stylish glass-body, nectar collector offers a trendy way to enjoy your oils and wax.

Featuring a removable bowl that functions as a water filter, the nectar collector dab allows you experience extended flavors of your concentrates.

Nectar collector dab kit consists of straw-like glass devices; you need to exercise exceptional care while handling them. Though Nectar Collector dabs are super easy to carry along on a trip, however, a slight mishandling can damage them.

It is only a downside with these devices that are increasingly getting popular among travelers.

Wooden One Hitter Dugout

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Wooden one hitter dugout is a device that you can use to take hits of your favorite herb. The greater convenience and added ease make it an essential part of the travelers’ bag pack. You cannot find a dab more convenient to carry around than one-hitters.

End your multiple containers and pipe carrying woes with this one hitter. Load your favorite herb into a wooden one hitter dugout; and whenever you realize an inhalation desire, you can get your hands on your herb straight away.

One-hitters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. When you attach storage, pipe, and lighter with one hitters, they are referred to as one hitter dugout. Many of them come with a twist-grinder allowing you to grind your herb.

You don’t need to carry an herb grinder on your trip along with a dugout weed. You cannot get more ease and convenience than this wooden one hitter can bring to you. You can focus on enjoying your sightseeing, visiting a historical place, or relishing a sunny day at the beach. It saves you from the hassle of carrying several pipes, bowls and setting them up.

One hitter dugouts are built using wooden material, so they offer durability, and you do not need to handle them with as much care as a glass device. After packing the one hitter with your desired herb, all you need is to place your mouth on the mouthpiece to inhale while holding the lighter at the other end.

Mini Dab Rig

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Mini dab rig offers you a good of both worlds. You can enjoy the vapor quality typical of bongs without carrying large devices on your trip. The quality of vapors would make you a fan of this portable size mini bong.

Featuring a 14mm female joint and strong boro glass construction; it can nicely fit into a small bag or even in a pocket without any breakage fears.

The mini rigs come in smart and sleeker designs; they are aesthetically superior to bulky and large transitional bongs. Whether you like to use it at home or on the go, it adds some style to your dabbing experience.

With a height of 4 inches and a base width of 1.6 inches, the mini dab is smart enough to carry it along on your trip and efficient enough to allow you to enjoy a premium extract experience.

If you make it part of your traveler kit, this borosilicate glass made mini dab offers you the same flavor and effects as that of a monster dab.

Silicone Bubbler

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

For travelers who find glass devices too fragile to handle, a silicone bubbler is an alternative that can allow them to have hassle-free trips. Lightweight, durability, and easy cleaning make silicone bubbler a perfect trip companion.

Do you know silicone bubbler offers you a similar experience as does a glass bong? Would not it be nice to enjoy superior quality extract sessions without much headache?

The sturdier built of silicone bubblers ensures they do not crack, break, or shatter. It saves you from the frustration of finding your device broken. The specially treated silicone is used to make these devices that enable them to withstand high temperatures and ensure easy cleaning.

Silicone bubblers come in various colors and attractive designs, and they function in a similar way as your traditional bong does. Get this long-lasting device and allow yourself to enjoy a premier experience with style.

Dab Pens or Wax Pens

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Dab pens, also known as wax pens, are smart devices that you can accompany on a holiday trip. These battery-powered dabbing tools came with a wax atomizer.

You can easily charge a dab pen using an eGo charger or Micro-USB charger and make them ready for your upcoming session. It is not only easy to handle, but it also hits you harder.

This highly efficient dab device extends the fun of your tour by offering an easy, convenient extract experience.

You would love the compact size, portability, and efficiency of these devices.

Glass Blunts

Dab Guide: Choose the Best for Dab On The Go

Glass blunts represent the innovation that is reshaping the way people experience the extracts. Making twisty glass blunts a part of your smoking sessions can end your rolling paper woes.

You can move around or even partying all night long without worrying about blunts to break in your pocket. The innovative product allows you to load up to 1.5 grams of herb. Using a central copper helix spiral, move your stuff anti-clockwise to fill the tube.

As you finish, place a cap on the end of the tube. Your blunt is ready to go at your time and place of choice. The additional convenience that twisty glass blunt brings to your sessions can make your journey unforgettable. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling along with a group, you would love the flavor and effects that hit you with each puff.

Glass blunts make it super easy to share your stuff with your friends. When you feel you have enough smoking, just cap it again and save it for later use.

You do not think this unmatched flexibility and exceptional ease can offer you perfect smoke while following a busy traveling schedule. This lightweight and the compact-sized device only weigh 54g and has a 10 cm length. It does not cause you any hassle when traveling with a glass blunt.

Do you know glass blunts are not just economical and convenient, manufactured from food-grade glass, they are healthier as well? Twisty blunts are a perfect choice to get a delightful smoking experience on the go. Incorporate twisty blunt as a part of your traveling paraphernalia and enjoy the next level of smoking with style.


The choice of an appropriate device is critical to enjoying your cannabis stuff when you are on a trip. A device that comes with essential features, such as such as compact size, discreet operation, and easy to pack makes your life easier as well as delivers you a superior extract experience.

The above-listed products with their travel-friendly features can offer you both convenience and flavor. Just add any of them to your travel rig and explore the destinations with ease and fun.

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