How to Learn Guitar in 3 Easy Steps
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How to Learn Guitar in 3 Easy Steps

How to Learn Guitar in 3 Easy Steps

At one time or another, everyone has had dreams (or at the very least a daydream) of becoming a rockstar. Who doesn’t want a career touring around the world, visiting exciting places, and playing shows to thousands of screaming fans?

Ok, maybe some of us would rather just jam out alone in our bedroom or to a few friends around the campfire. In either scenario, you have to start by picking up a guitar. If you have always wanted to learn guitar but were unsure where to start, these three easy steps will help you master the basics.

1. Learn Guitar Chords and Scales

Learning easy chords is a wonderful place to start and will give you the confidence to keep learning. There is a way for beginners to play simplified versions of the proper chords and they sound almost the same. These are called “steppingstone” chords.

Steppingstone chords allow you to quickly learn guitar scales and how to play songs, which keeps you progressing and hungry to continue. You can download and print out a chord chart online for quick reference while you practice. The more you practice these chords, the faster you will begin to develop rhythm and muscle memory, resulting in your playing becoming second nature.

If you prefer having a mentor for guidance rather than learning on your own, you can also take professional lessons. Professional lessons provide one-on-one education and allow you to ask questions directly to your teacher. Places like Tremolo Guitar School provide online guitar lessons as well as tutoring in music theory and so much more.

2. Practice Every Day

Practice makes perfect may be a cliché, but it’s true. Setting aside time each day to practice will help your skills improve quickly and will increase your comfort level with your instrument.

You will want to set a time limit on your practices, so you don’t burn out. Your fingers have not yet built up guitar callouses and will be sensitive at first. Keeping a time allotment for your practices will help your fingers develop with minimal discomfort.

Warm-up each day with basic finger exercises and strumming patterns. Finger exercises help with muscle memory and help you play precise notes as you learn to play guitar. Even professionals do these warm-ups, so continue doing them as long as you play guitar.

3. Play Your Favorite Songs

An effortless way to keep you playing day after day is to learn and play songs you love. There is excitement and joy when you figure out how to play one of your favorite songs. Start with easy songs to learn on guitar by your favorite artists. Don’t get discouraged by trying to play “Stairway to Heaven” on day 1.

Let’s Start Rockin’ and Rollin’

Picking up the guitar is the easy part. Sticking with it is the real challenge. Beginning with these 3 steps, you can learn guitar and be on your way to super-stardom… well, let’s take that one step at a time.

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