How to Support Your Brothers During Quarantine

How to Support Your Brothers During Quarantine

How to Support Your Brothers During Quarantine

Quarantine has proven incredibly taxing for even the most resilient amongst us. Women have been conditioned to be open and communicative with their feelings. For the most part, men do not share with the frequency or zeal with which women tend to share.

The truth is: keeping intimate platonic relationships between men alive during the pandemic can be especially difficult because it involves a robust and vulnerable line of communication between the two parties. Men usually can rely on external distractions to forge bonds together; without that, wherein they are confined to text and phone, it gets more challenging.

Be sure to look out for your brothers, cousins, uncles, and friends during the pandemic. They might feel as though they have to put on a strong face for their wives or young families or parents. This list will help you make that man feel as though they matter and that they are loved.

Remember that loneliness can lead to a host of other issues. Loneliness has been linked to drug addiction, even pushing people into addiction treatment centers.

There are really no excuses when it comes to shooting a quick text, but there are plenty of other ways to let your brother know you care from afar!

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana use is on the rise during the pandemic, and there’s a good reason why! Cannabis has a long history of alleviating insomnia, offering sufferers relief from chronic pain, and so much more.

Cannabis also offers great reprieve from anxiety. Even seizures are no match for the twin powers of cannabidiol and THC combined! That’s right: medical marijuana is serious stuff. It gives a ton of people suffering from a wide swath of ailments a chance at normal life.

Suggesting medical marijuana to your friend, or sharing recreational marijuana in areas where such things are legal, is a great way to remind your brother or pal that you’re thinking about them and care about their relaxation!

While you can’t light up together, the power of digital media is boundless. A video chat is sometimes all it takes to show someone you care. Speaking of which…

Cooperative Gaming

Everyone knows you can play games online with your friends, but did you know these games go far beyond just shooting mindlessly at other people? That’s right! You can solve intricate puzzles, solve crimes, and go on adventure from the comfort of your own home.

There is nothing wrong with violent video games in theory, but you will find that cooperative games provide greater levels of stress relief.

There’s nothing quite like accomplishing something with your friends as a group! During the pandemic, plenty of games have cropped up that demand little of the computer systems they run on. This is meant to appeal to wide audiences, so that as many people as possible can play during quarantine.

Cooperative games are not just for kids. As previously discussed, there are so many genres that offer cooperative games for a multitude of different player group sizes. For instance, there are deception games which require groups of five or more that run on quite simple mechanics. Games like these have shorter play times and are perfect for large groups, so players can flit in and out with their time commitments.

Or there are more complex two person games that run for longer periods. There are so many options, you are bound to find something you and your buddies like.

DIY and Home Renovation Projects—Together!

Okay, okay. This one might be a little cheesy or cutesy for some friendships but stick with me here! Having a little DIY set that you send to your friend is an effective way to give them something to occupy their hands with during a zoom call.

It’s as simple as making a zoom call less awkward and giving it some structure. A goofy DIY or a group home renovation that you can undertake together is a great reason to get together for a virtual hangout session. That’s the best way to incentivize your buddies to make the call themselves: give them a concrete reason to do it.

It’s 2021, after all, and even the manliest of guys should be able to undertake relaxing, menial DIYs just like the rest of us!

Outdoors Activities

Don’t forget most of the activities we love in the great outdoors can be easily socially distanced!

It takes some getting used to, but a combination of proper masking and keeping a safe distance away from other people is the CDC approved way to socialize in the great outdoors.

Disc golf is an outdoors activity that gives structure to socialization without forcing players into close quarters with one another. In fact, most of the game has players walking away from each other. Win win!

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