5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For The Spring
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5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For The Spring

5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For The Spring

If you are in the depths of winter, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in a chilly garden when you can be wrapped up warm inside. But a little bit of preparation will make sure you can fully enjoy the garden when spring arrives. Here are some steps every gardener should do in the winter months.

Tool Maintenance

Cutting implements need to be sharpened, and electrical appliances like lawnmowers can be visually inspected and tested to ensure they are working well. Maintaining and repairing your tools will ensure you get the most out of them when you need them again. Take some time to look through your tools and discard any that are no longer functioning well. Purchasing new tools in the winter may benefit you, as they will be in less demand than in the gardening months, so your chosen brand should be well-stocked.

Clean Surfaces

Over the winter months decking, patios and driveways can pick up a lot of grime and dirt. Hire professional pressure washers to blast away the muck and restore your exterior surfaces to looking brand new. These pressure washing experts in Charleston will offer you a free quote for any work you need to be undertaken.

Clear Out the Shed

The shed can become a dumping ground for any unwanted items lying around the house that you don’t know what to do with. If you have not used the item over the past year, then ask yourself if you need it? If the answer is no, then be ruthless and discard it. You will be thankful for all the free space when Spring comes, and you want to use the shed for gardening or storing your poolside toys and BBQ equipment.

Feed the Soil

If you are planning on growing herbs or vegetables in your garden, then you will need the right kind of soil. The soil has various levels of acidity depending on your geography and climate. Check what type of soil your vegetables will need and test your soil. If the soil is not the right ph level for your chosen crop, you can feed the soil to change its acidity. Feeding the soil in the winter will allow time for the soil to rebalance itself ready for the first seeds or bulbs in the spring. If you’re still not familiar and need help, don’t hesitate on checking out the Riverside arborists for gardening tips.

Dig Out the Weeds

If the ground isn’t frozen, then this is a good time to dig out weeds. The weeds will be less likely to grow at this time of year, so weeding the ones that are around shouldn’t take so long. By pulling out the stubborn weeds in winter you are giving the soil time to replenish nutrients to sustain the plants of your choice when you plant them in Spring. If you are desperate for color in the garden, you could replace big weeds with evergreen plants or ones that will flower in cold temperatures.

Finally, remember doing a little bit of work now will leave you with less to do when the sun is shining meaning you can just lie back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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