4 Ways to Cope with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

4 Ways to Cope with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

4 Ways to Cope with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Almost all of us tend to get anxious at one point or another. We can see anxiety as physical manifestations such as fidgeting, nail-biting, foot-tapping, and even sweaty palms. It is quite normal to get anxious. It is our body’s normal response to stress. But when this starts interfering in our daily life, it can turn into a disorder. Many have turned to daily usages of THC. Delta 8 THC is in high demand and you can get it anywhere. Check to see if there are any delta 8 carts near me.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a chronic state of constant worry or apprehension about vague future events. This disorder affects almost 6.8 million adults in the US. It is very important to manage symptoms of anxiety before it becomes debilitating for the individual. Here are a few ways to cope with it.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation can help you enter a state of relaxation. Meditation focuses on complete and total awareness. It enables you to observe yourself and your surroundings without any judgment. This is quite useful for a person with anxiety. Meditation has been proven quite effective for lowering symptoms of stress and fatigue. An approach given by Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness-based-stress-reduction, combines the techniques of meditation with mindfulness to help patients learn how to detach themselves from anxious thoughts.

It helps identify the points of tension in the body and helps understand difficult emotions. Kava is also used anxiety, depression and lack of sleep. You can check out KavaGuides.com to get a better understanding on how it’s good for you.

Medical Marijuana

The power of medical marijuana has been strongly proven in the last few years. More and more people recognize the beneficial effects of marijuana for many issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, and even depression. Medical marijuana strains with a high amount of CBD can significantly decrease anxiety symptoms and help people relax. The experts at Greenhealthdocs.com recommend applying for a medical marijuana card in the states where it is legal. Strains such as Northern Lights and Blackberry Kush are the top choices for dealing with anxiety. In some states, certified patients have more perks when it comes to marijuana. For example, certified Arizona patients can grow more plants at home than recreational users, giving them a more cost-effective way to medicate than were they to have to buy marijuana from a dispensary.


Journaling can provide you with an incredibly cathartic experience. It is well-advised to keep a consistent journal for yourself and make a habit out of it. Give time to yourself to write in your journal every day. Note down things such as your anxiety-provoking thoughts, feelings, and triggers. Write about what you did after experiencing the trigger and what you could have done differently. This helps generate awareness, which in turn helps us break the negative thought patterns that make us anxious. Journaling is a very therapeutic activity and can help decrease anxiety quite significantly.


As we all know, exercise is known for boosting our mood. Exercising just for 20 mins a day helps release endorphins that elevate our mood. Moving your body and exercising also enables you to divert your mind from anxious thoughts that you might be having. Regular workouts can have a significant impact on your mental health, not only your physical health. Exercise also helps decrease muscle tension, which helps reduce feelings of anxiousness. Working out in nature further helps lower stress and anxiety levels.

It is not easy to deal with having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety is a life-long problem that needs to be coped with actively. Use these four techniques to help you keep your anxiety at bay.

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