How to Find Your Kids Expertise with Extracurricular Activities
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How to Find Your Kids Expertise with Extracurricular Activities

How to Find Your Kids Expertise with Extracurricular Activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Gone are the days when parents didn’t want their kids to play outside and made a really big deal about studies. But with time, everyone has realized how important it is for a child to participate in extracurricular activities.

Now, what exactly do these activities mean and their importance?

Undoubtedly, a result-oriented education system is the crux of your kid’s schooling and is indeed a crucial tool to receive knowledge. But is that all your kid needs? You all might be familiar with the fact that your kid’s social and after-school life is as important as its academic life. It helps in the overall development and polishes your little one’s real-world skills, and shapes his/her personality.

Research shows that children involved in extracurricular activities have a better academic record as compared to the ones who spend their free time playing games on PlayStations and avoiding social interaction.

And let’s not forget that there’s a world beyond academics and your kid needs to explore it to ignite new passions. According to the academic counselors, these extracurricular activities often help in the student’s development beyond school hours. In simple words these activities help in:

  • Promoting self-confidence
  • Developing soft skills
  • Developing thinking abilities
  • Channeling extra energy after school
  • Build decision-making skills.

Reality Check! Parents often assume that signing their kids up for thousands of activities might benefit them in getting a good college or job. But that’s not the case with everyone. (Although it does make your child’s college application impressive.) Please don’t ruin their childhood by overburdening or pressurizing them.

If you are thinking about how you can motivate your little one to participate in extracurricular activities, these below-mentioned tips might come in handy.

Discover your kid’s interests

Every child is different and has different sets of skills. Not everyone is good at everything. So, you need to find what your child enjoys and would like to do for fun. This is the best way to motivate and nurture your kid’s talent.

Kids love when their passion seems important to their parents. They feel comfortable and try to excel at what they do to make their parents proud. That’s cute! So, try to communicate with your kid and ask about their opinions. Because in the end, it’s the only thing that matters. If they are too young and aren’t able to form an opinion themselves, help them find their way by using your observation skills.

Remember, your kid could be good at math but would want to pursue photography. Find the clubs where he/she can learn the dynamics of the industry. For example, if your kid enjoys playing brain games such as chess or math puzzles, you can get them to join such clubs. Some children are also fond of drawing or sketching, so how cool it will be if you introduce them to their first sketchbook and colors.

You can motivate your kid to explore new interests and find new things that they might feel interesting or passionate about. For example, he/she might be known for science, could love playing music. You never know what’s waiting for them. This way, they’ll feel responsible and involved and will promote their self-esteem.

Find a perfect trainer or school.

Once you know what your kid is good at, it’s hard to train them yourself. Encouraging your kids to follow their passion isn’t enough. You need to introduce them to experienced and trained professionals. They will help you to enhance your kid’s skills and help them to explore new things in their field of interest.

Also, they know the latest and assured techniques and can help your little one learn better. According to the educational experts at Accelerated Learning Laboratory Charter School, students start developing their key personality traits in their childhood. It involves openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness. And being involved in extracurricular activities can really speed up the process. It enhances their cognitive and social skills that are effective in their academics as well as in the real world. And that’s where the professionals can help you. So, you need to do proper research before you enroll your kid in a school. It should be well-equipped with everything, be it trainers or equipment.

Don’t get too pushy.

It is observed that some parents try to fulfill their own dreams through their children. Suppose you wanted to become a musician, but circumstances didn’t allow you to become one. That doesn’t mean that your kid needs to follow in your footsteps. If he/she isn’t interested in a particular activity, then let it be. Don’t push too hard, otherwise, your kid might end up in a stressful situation.

Too much hovering and unwanted attention can overwhelm your kid, and it might even diminish his/her interest in an activity he/she once enjoyed. Plus, too much enthusiasm can put some undesirable pressure on your children. This is because they want to please you (obviously), but too much attention can make them fear failure.

Find the right balance.

Your kid might be super intelligent and smart and good at everything. But at the end of the day, he/she is just a kid. And you need to dial down your enthusiasm a little bit. There are parents who have designed a tight schedule for their children. You need to give them time to relax and maybe, let them just have fun.

Overburdening through back-to-back extracurricular classes can wear your child down. You need to realize how much your little one can handle and then sign them up for various activities. So, find the right balance between academics, activities, and fun. Trust me; they’ll thank you for it!

To sum it all up!

Involving your kid in extracurricular activities not only utilizes their free time but also teaches them valuable lessons for the rest of their lives. Also, it’ll help you to channelize their charged-up energy. From time to stress management, they’ll learn it all while participating in these activities.

Help your little ones to discover their passions and motivate them to do better every day. Remember, do not put extra pressure on them; just let them have fun!

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