Laser Dentistry: Choose the Revolutionary Technology for Better Oral Health

Laser Dentistry: Choose the Revolutionary Technology for Better Oral Health

Laser Dentistry: Choose the Revolutionary Technology for Better Oral Health

The dental world is making progress at an incredible pace. Among many other advancements, laser dentistry is one of the many revolutionary technologies taking the dental world by storm.

Gone are the days when the doctors would scare you with their equipment ready to drill, and the post-operative pain would keep you sore for days. It is a minimally invasive procedure to go for gum surgery, cavity treatment, or any other oral issue.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Being used in commercial practice since 1989, it is about making use of lasers to treat a different number of dental conditions. It stands for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” It is an FDA approved treatment to help cure several dental diseases.

How does it work?

The instrument creates light energy in the form of an extremely focused and narrow beam. On reaching the surface of a tissue, the beam of light produces a reaction. This further allows removing or reshaping of the required area.

What is it for?

It is making its mark felt in numerous dental procedures. As per the experts at Scripps West Dental – San Diego CA, they can be widely used to cut, disinfect, and treat sensitivity reduction. Apart from these, they play a huge role in other aspects of regular dentistry like Tissue Contouring, Bacterial Reduction, Treating Teeth and Gum Problems, Canker Sores, to name just a few.

What are the Benefits?

1. Less Painful

If you decide to go for this style of treatment, you will avoid any need for any scalpels or drills completely. Lasers are very precise, efficient and have less room for error. Thus, it is quicker in time and results in less discomfort. In most cases, there is no need for even local anesthesia.

2. Minimized Bleeding

It is specialized in such a way that there is no significant blood loss. As traditional surgical tools are given a pass in this method, there is minimal bleeding and any post bleeding complications.

3. Reduced Anxiety

These minimally invasive dentistry styles opt for little to no numbness around the area where the plan of action has to occur. This patient-friendly technique avoids the noise and vibrations of drilling. And the result is less anxiety and a longer and happier relationship with dentistry for a lifetime.

4. Less Probability for Sutures

Because these procedures have better outcomes, they also bring with them a reduced need for any sutures. This proves to be extremely beneficial, especially to those people who have a regular intake of anticoagulant medications. As the wounds heal on their own by secondary intentions, the need to get any suture becomes unrequired.

5. Fewer Chances of Infections and a Shorter Healing Time

As there is very little trauma and stress to the teeth and gums, the healing time in such scenarios is seen to be very short. Also, the laser treatment promotes blood clotting and sterilizing the nearby area. This propels tissue regeneration and at a much faster speed. This makes for grim chances for any infections or bacteria infestation inside the mouth.


Laser Treatments in the dental world are here to stay. They are an amazing way to get many types of oral procedures done without having to suffer any pains or discomfort. With time, this is becoming one of the highest recommended treatment options by dentists worldwide.

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