3 Often Forgotten SEO Tips to Improve Your Websites Traffic

3 Often Forgotten SEO Tips to Improve Your Websites Traffic

3 Often Forgotten SEO Tips to Improve Your Websites Traffic

The current SEO landscape is quite turbulent because of the changing ranking criteria. The fact that a given SEO hack worked someday and you got a higher ranking does not mean it will solve your situation today. Competition is stiff in the SEO sector, and to avoid being left behind, you should be updated on the trends to know the direction of SEO algorithms, or hire a professional NYC SEO agency to do the heavy lifting for you. The article herein demonstrates some SEO tactics that will drive more traffic to your page.

Concentrate more on Intent-Based Keyword Research

Google’s SEO result pages are user-centric. User searchers should get the most exact results, and Google’s RankBrain stretches beyond the keywords and also evaluates the relevancy and quality of the content. Understanding the target audience as well as keyword intent is the ultimate SEO opportunity every competitor in the market is relying on. Keyword research resources are all over the market and they include; Google Keyword Planner, Ahref’s Keywords Explorer, or Moz’s Keyword Explorer. Several keywords are untapped, and with the alternative resources, you can discover them. These resources include Buzzsumo, Google Trends, Q&A platforms such as Quora and Reddit, social media aspects like Twitter and Facebook Trends among others.

Google also comprehends topics thereby ensuring your posts are valuable to the audiences, and so the LSI keywords come in. for instance, the following phrases show that you are specializing in content marketing; blog posts, SEO copy writing, and social media marketing. Also, LSI keyword creators and graphs will portray the different LSI phrases quickly.

Rehabilitate the Old Blog Posts to Optimize Exposure

Content creation is not easy because one has to maintain high-quality always. The consistency of maintaining publishing and high-quality work does not last long. Therefore, digital marketers rely on the older content by upgrading it to solve a problem now and in the future. Revitalizing the older content can be done in several ways.

You can begin by improving the old content that just brings back the blog together. You can customize it with more keywords, eliminate the broken links, attach the link to newer and more external sources. You can even link to your recently published blog posts, and replace the past stats and other aspects with a bit relevant ones.

You can also alter the format of the blog posts. For example, you can change an article to become an info-graphic, a podcast, or utilize the best subject matter as email newsletters. You can as well divide the long-form elaborations into smaller articles or even combine the related details into a comprehensive piece.

Publish Unique content that Draws Closer Links and Clicks

Developing generic blog posts that do not entice the readers will not boost your SEO rankings. Maximum traffic and so rankings require you to develop attractive content that is worth sharing or linking. In short, the content should be informative and one that educates the target audience. Your content development strategy should handle various stages the purchaser will experience.

Blog posts and explainer videos can make the life of a visitor to your website easier. You can also include some directive articles and comprehensive guidelines because they can inform you about what the potential consumers want to understand. Case studies and client testimonials can boost your conversions tremendously. In return, you will enjoy improved site visits, clicks, and in the end higher SEO ranking.

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