Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men
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Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

This year did not start on the right foot for many of us, but that does not mean we cannot turn things for the better in the following months. And sometimes, starting with our appearance leads to great results in other areas of our life, as well. Check out these new trends if you want to gain a fresher perspective on how you could style your hair. From short zero fades to shaggy, layered cuts, you can still look trendy and charming.

For those with a cool, generous amount of hair, these five international stylish looks will help you achieve a contemporary look and make everyone notice your new appearance.

1. Curly Top with Texture and Volume

If you have curly hair, it might get harder to arrange it after spending a long time indoors, so getting a fresh trim will instantly help bring your curls back to life! Start by shaping the edges to create a square-shape and then razor the nape to have a clean contour that will elongate your neck. Keep the top shaggy and voluminous by applying a texturizing hair spray that will make your dark ringlets of hair maintain their position throughout the day.

Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

2. French Crop Haircut

To bring a dash of European style in your looks, you can opt for this stunning French Crop with skin shaved sides and a textured, ruffled top that can bring a bit of weight on your head and create a cool looking top.

This signature cut features baby bangs similar to other French crop hairstyles for men. By shaving the beard and mustache you can create a neat fade effect that will make your facial features pop. It’s a clean, masculine haircut that won’t go out of style in the near or far future!

Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

3. Timeless Fade Haircut

Truly an exceptional look that will make your appearance instantly noticed, the Fade will always be versatile and fashionable thanks to its practicality. Opting for a high fade with clearly traced contours can really improve the way you look by correcting your facial geometry.

For the best outline, you can keep the same style for your beard as well. This will create a cool symmetrical shape. It is probably one of the most common international hairstyles for men that we have seen. It will surely continue to be in style for a long time.

Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

4. Punk Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

The evergreen hairstyles of the rebel generation, Mohawks are a fashionable hairstyle that will not go out of style too soon. This impressive look is based on creating a sharp mid fade with long spiky strands and a curvy side razor design that separates the two levels.

You can complete the look with a long-trimmed beard. To make it extra-special, you can ask for a bright hair color such as this electric blue shade that will amplify the cool effect. What an edgy combination!

Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

5. Pompadour Haircut

With an elegant haircut such as the Pompadour, you can never go wrong. Especially if you adapt to modern days by creating an undone effect to the front pomp on top of your head. This hot haircut will suit especially those with a narrow forehead. The strands falling to the sides can be styled with a high resistance hair pomade to prevent them from hanging messily around your crown.

Top 5 International Hairstyles for Men

Keep it Modern

From short, buzzed cuts such as the fade, to combinations of different lengths, these intriguing and modern haircuts for men are here to inspire every one of you in discovering a better, cooler version of yourself. We hope you found this list helpful and you are ready for a new hairstyle to mark the debut of this glorious year.

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