3 Helpful Tips to Maximize Audience Engagement
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3 Helpful Tips to Maximize Audience Engagement

3 Helpful Tips to Maximize Audience Engagement

Greenland needs better PR. Sure, it’s cold and far from everything. But given recent world events, you’d think there would be swathes of pioneering individuals who would have loved to go and become part of one of the many Greenland towns that are now completely abandoned. They had the internet. TV. Power stations. Schools. Libraries. All in need of investment and direction, but the set up was ready to go. No one came. And now it’s all just sat there. Hiding away and forgotten with no one to put the bins out.

Offering great products or services is not the same as selling great products and services. The difference is audience engagement. Unless you want your business to go the way of Greenland’s abandoned settlements, you need help.

Technology to the Rescue

Automation can cure many administration woes (check out this site for creative automation inspiration). Essentially, automation is a way to scale your content across multiple channels. Whatever your product or service, you need people to know about it. Not only that, but you also need people to know about it on their terms. Think video, images, copy, and even sharable competitions and other forms of engagement.

If your current mode of letting people know about your business consists of leveraging only one social media channel or using the same content across multiple channels, automation can help you to regain your focus.

You have a choice. Either create and share channel-specific media that resonates with your audience quickly and cleverly, or spend hours working through the upload details of each shared piece of content. Seems like there’s a clear answer.

Creative Content

If your videos are boring and your images are dull and your copy is basic and thin, your sales will flatline. It’s not enough to simply know that you have market-leading solutions that can outcompete your stiffest competition. You must tell the world all about it. How do you do this? Well…

You’re going to have to get your thinking cap on. People like to know that you are on their side. Research how your competition engages with your audience. Develop your own voice and don’t be afraid to be different. When a top-tier Mac development company launched in 1994, the founders promoted their software under the marketing banner “It doesn’t suck”. It takes bravery to be that bold. Standing out takes guts.

Share Your Story

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most visited pages on a company’s website. Yet, you’d be surprised how often company owners neglect to add an About Us page to their main website’s homepage navigation. Without this critical rim to the sales funnel, you may miss out on attracting and engaging your audience altogether.

Take the time to write an honest and catchy About Us page. You can divide it into sections covering your history and share links on social media to pull people into your story. Subheadings like “From a one oven bakery to the White House chef” can entice readers. You need to let the ideas flow. It really works.

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