Best Equipment for High Handicap Golfers
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Best Equipment for High Handicap Golfers

If golfing with your buddies and spending some quality time is what you’re after. Being one of the best players to walk the course would obviously not be on your schedule. Maybe you enjoy golfing just for the experience and don’t necessarily want to be the best or beat everyone you play with. It is truly one of the most relaxing games you can play, but there’s no doubt about it that at some stage or another, you will get frustrated with slicing more than $20 into the woods. This is understandable and know that you’re not alone. Many golfers like you exist, and because of this, all the major golf equipment brands have started catering to your needs as well. The days of walking into a pro shop and only finding clubs and balls fit for pro players are long gone. So let’s look at what equipment you can use to improve your golf game.

Best Equipment for High Handicap Golfers

#1 Clubs

First and foremost, having clubs suited to your length, swing speed, and many other factors, including swing path and angle of attack, may influence your game altogether. So equipping yourself with clubs that make adjustments for you instead of perfecting your swing is a sought-after option for most casual players out there. When buying clubs ensure you’re fitted with the correct shaft lengths for your specific swing. You would most probably swing slower than the average scratch golfer and therefore need clubs to get some extra distance. Clubs for slower swings often have a much lower center of gravity, forcing the ball as high as possible with the potential energy received. These clubs also have stronger lofts and are more forgiving than more traditional clubs and therefore increase your carry distance. The high trajectory ensures the ball comes down softly and you don’t run out of green before the ball stops.

#2 Balls

Balls play a crucial role in any golfer’s game. From driving distance to iron accuracy, the ball has what it takes to make you a quality golfer. Many professional golfers play with a soft feeling ball that allows for more spin and better control over the ball. The reason they do this is that you seldom find a pro golfer that can’t hit the ball far, even when playing with a soft golf ball. Better golfers usually find softer golf balls better. The best golf balls for high handicappers typically consist of mostly hardcover golf balls. The reason behind this is a more challenging golf ball, more often than not guarantees faster ball speeds and, as a result, much more distance on every shot.

Pro’s don’t find this useful as the bit more distance they get on drives negatively affects what the ball does on the green and results in them not being able to control the ball on the putting surface. These golf balls work better with more forgiving clubs as these clubs give you a much higher apex meaning the ball will drop softer and most likely stop. Pro’s playing more standard lofted clubs don’t have this advantage and usually opt for the softer ball.

At the end of the day, playing golf should still serve the purpose which you initially intended. Don’t expect to look like a pro. It is important that as well as putting the time and effort into learning how to play well, you study some of the theories of golf too. Like average driving distance and how that can be impacted by age, gender, and even the weather! Understanding what the real average is, can build your confidence in no time. Just remember; They’ve put years into perfecting what they do, and no mortal man could ever keep up without the necessary training, fitness, and mental strength these players have obtained by experience.

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