Amazing Apps That Still Impress Us In 2021

Go back ten years or so, and apps were all the rage. People couldn’t get enough of them. And economists talked about how they’d change the economy forever. Much of that was true – they did change our lives. But they also became distinctly “normal,” like furniture, pavements, or shops. So when an app impresses us, it’s really something. In this post, we take a look at some of the apps that still have us saying “wow,” even in 2021.

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Amazing Apps That Still Impress Us In 2021


Amazing Apps That Still Impress Us In 2021

Shazam made big impressions when it first hit the apps market several years ago. It was popular because people finally had a way of recognizing songs they heard on the radio, without having to remember the name. All you did was fire up the app, allow it to listen to the incoming sounds, and then it’d tell you the name of the track and who created it.

Later came Shazam for Windows and other platforms, allowing users to discover the identity of songs on their laptops. It means that those annoying “brain songs” no longer needed to be a mystery.

Super You

Super You is an app that’s only possible because of the freaky capabilities of modern-day machine learning algorithms.

The function of the app itself is purely for entertainment value. It allows you to use your phone as an AR device to see what your friends look like wearing costumes. It’s quite realistic and can provide endless hours of entertainment. But the freakiest thing is that it actually works.


Thanks to the lockdown, home workouts are becoming a thing. Everyone wants to remain healthy and active while governments put regular life on hold. Supernatural is an app that gives users virtually everything they want. It helps fight our current epidemic of sedentism while also providing opportunities for people to interact digitally. What’s great about the app is how it transports you to some of the world’s most isolated places for your workouts, including the Galapagos Islands.


The lockdown also took its toll on our collective mental wellbeing. Once researchers crunch the data, it will likely show a massive increase in the amount of depression and anxiety across the country. People simply haven’t been able to leave the house.

Loona attempts to help. It provides guided meditation, helping people to better manage their thoughts. The app also offers coloring activities and stories which the developers say are “mood-altering.” The price is quite high for the app and it’s still under development. But it’s well worth checking out if you have time.

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