Keeping it Local with Jobs, Products, and Prices
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Keeping it Local with Jobs, Products, and Prices

Keeping it Local with Jobs, Products, and Prices

Shopping American made shouldn’t mean digging extra deep into your pockets. When you use Criterion Technology you’re keeping it local- jobs, products, and prices. They’re proving you can have a sustainable company without making big sacrifices that your customers have to hold the bill for.

Criterion Technology, Inc. is a highly rated business based out of Thomasville, Georgia. They are leading the way in turnkey molding assembly systems. Criterion has been in business over twenty-eight years, and they continue to display their commitment to keeping things on the up and up. They’re creating jobs for Americans as well as giving back to their community through fundraising efforts. Some of their community involvement that is listed on their website includes Smoke on the Water and Empty Stocking Fund. It is clear that they make an effort to show the community just how much they care.

Keeping it Local with Jobs, Products, and Prices

Giving back locally is a no-brainer when your employees come straight from the community you support. The employees at Criterion are just as dedicated to the community as the company is. As an equal opportunity employer, they’re hiring people from diverse backgrounds to ensure their team is overflowing with innovative ideas to keep their customers happy. Criterion believes that the best way to keep the customers happy is to keep their team up to date and safe. They’re dedicated to training their employees with in job safety training, job hazard analysis, and proactive prevention activities. To lead the industry you have to make sure your whole team is on the same page.

Not only are they devoted to giving back to the community and creating jobs, they are environmentally conscious. They mean it when they say they want to set the bar for others to be measured by. They’ve put multiple recycling and waste disposal programs in place to help limit their environmental impact. In combination with abiding by state and federal laws, they are exceeding all expectations to preserve the environment.

So how are they keeping prices affordable with all of their giving back to the community and preserving the environment? One way that they’re working to keep costs low is by offering a “ship to stock” process. That means that their dome assemblies are shipped ready to go. Customers don’t have to worry about additional manufacturing steps or assembly requirements. Cutting down on the amount of handling that is required reduces scraps and increasing cost savings! They’ve had 30 years to perfect their turnkey assemblies. They’re so confident in their products that are 100% made in the USA, that they back all of their products with paid tooling maintenance.

It is very clear that Criterion Technology, Inc. is working hard to keep everything local. Their products are made in house, they give back to their community, and they care about their impact on the environment. How many companies do you know are producing industry leading products that are completely American made? I give them so many props for this – it’s truly remarkable what they are doing.

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