Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway
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Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

2020 was most definitely a year we will never forget for as long as we are around. Fortunately, 2021 is here and we can make do with the new beginnings. With the New Year, we all can start brand new with a clean slate. Speaking of clean, we want to keep things around us looking nice at all times. Since we spend most of our times at home or in our vehicles, why not keep them clean? We have showed you in the past about how to create cleaner environment in your home. Recently, we had a chance to check out some great products from Meguiar’s that will help the car look and smell good.

Meguiar’s Product for the Inside

Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

The first thing people noticed about your car when they get inside is the smell. The Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist is perfect. The new car scent permanently eliminates odor at a molecular level. You will only need to spray it in one area not throughout your vehicle. I’m driving an SUV and all I do is spray in the back and it gravitates to the front. It gets rid of cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors. The Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Wipes are amazing also. No matter what kind of surface you have, this will clean ALL of them. These thick wipes are bigger and thicker than any other brand out there. You will love that it quickly cleans lifting dust, dirt, grime, and spills while restoring the original appearance of all interior surfaces. With the wipes and spray, your car’s interior will look and smell great.

Meguiar’s Product Keeping Your Outside Looking Nice

Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

Win Some Great Products from Meguiar’s Giveaway

One of the things that always bothered me about my vehicles is my tires getting dirty. Unfortunately, my time management skills never allowed me to get out there and thoroughly clean my tires. Meguiar’s Tire Coating product gives me no excuse for messy tires. The Synthetic polymer chemistry delivers our highest gloss tire shine and the anti-ozonants offer protection against cracking & fading. The soaking wet, gloss look makes your car look a lot better. All you need to do is spray, walk away and let the product do its work. You would definitely need to pair it up with the Wheel & Tire cleaner also.  This is perfect if your rims always look bad due to brake dust. All you need to do is spray-on and then hose off with water. This is perfect for all rims you may have on your vehicle.

Lastly, we tried the Ultimate Wash & Wax cleaner from Meguiar’s. First off, this is compatible with all Meguiar’s washes and waxes. The cleaner enhances gloss and shine while you wash, plus boosts protection, glossiness and shine.

Win Some Meguiar’s Products by Entering Contest Below

Are you satisfied with the Meguiar’s brand? Have you been using it yourself? If not, here’s your chance to grab some for yourself. Enter this contest below for your chance to get your very own Meguiar’s product. All you need to do it answer the questions and follow the instructions.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    Meguiar’s products are awesome. We clean our vehicle every weekend when the weather is cooperative. These would be handy to have!

  • Wendy Browne

    My husband is a mechanic and they use these products at his work. My van is older but we keep it well maintained including the interior.

  • Jenny Ham

    Warm weather is on the way time to enjoy time outside shining up the ride. I love to walk out to a clean nice looking car.

  • Kelsey vinson

    I havent used these products yet but we bought a new car a few weeks ago so it would be handy to have to keep it in tip top shape

  • Sylvia Davis

    Meguiar’s products are great! I love their paste wax and it goes on easily and comes off just as easy AND it leaves an awesome shine!

  • Dana Matthews

    I’ve never tried these products before. Yes, I do like to keep my car clean. I like for the dash to shine as well as my tires and rims. I like a light scent to linger when I finish!

  • Leigh Nichols

    My husband and son are CONSTANTLY detailing and cleaning their Mustangs – this would be an awesome prize for them

  • Jennifer Hedden

    We like to keep our cars clean. We have tried Meguiar’s products and use them regularly. They do a great job. My favorite Meguiar’s product is the wax.

  • Gina N.

    I’ve never tried Meguiar’s products before but I do have a mechanic friend that uses their products regularly and swears by them. I appreciate your detailed review and think this might have persuaded me to put this on my shopping list and just try them! Thank you.

  • Tiffany Greene Elliott

    Mequiar’s products are absolutely amazing! My husband and I wash, vacuum, clean the inside when the weather is nice! Thank you!

  • Rhonda Martin

    I like to detail my vehicle inside and out especially after the long winter. I need products that leave my car looking new so I’d love to give these Meguiars products a try.

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