112 Only You Featuring Notorious Big and Mase
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112 Only You Featuring Notorious Big and Mase

112 Only You Featuring Notorious Big and Mase

Welcome to another Thursday, which means we are closer to the weekend. The new Drake EP, Jagged Edge compilation, LL’s classic Mama Said Knock You Out all was played. My playlist this week also consisted of Ghetto Mafia’s Straight from the Dec and Junior Mafia’s debut album. Two days ago, was the 24th anniversary of the passing of the late, great Notorious Big. The last album that was played was 112’s debut album. The self-titled debut went on to sell over two million copies. The second single off the album was called Only You. Only You features the Notorious Big and Mase.

Only You is one of the many great tracks off the album. In August, this album will officially turn 25 years old. Only You, Cupid, Come See Me, In Love with You and I Can’t Believe are my top 5 tracks. Check out the video above for Only You featuring the Notorious Big and Mase for my Throwback Thursday. Peep the track listing and stream links below for 112’s debut album.

  1. 112 Intro
  2. Now That We’re Done
  3. Pleasure & Pain
  4. Why (Interlude)
  5. Cupid
  6. Call My Name
  7. Come See Me ft. Mr. Cheeks
  8. Sexy You (Interlude)
  9. Can I Touch You
  10. I Can’t Believe ft. Faith Evans
  11. Keep It Real
  12. Only You (Bad Boy Remix) ft. Notorious Big & Mase
  13. I Will Be There
  14. In Love with You
  15. Just a Little While
  16. Why Does
  17. This Is Your Day
  18. Throw It All Away
  19. Only You (Clean Radio Mix) ft. The Notorious Big

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