Understanding Ute Hire in Adelaide, SA

Understanding Ute Hire in Adelaide, SA

Understanding Ute Hire in Adelaide, SA

If you visit a construction site, you will find a lot of tools and equipment that are used to make work easier. Every piece of equipment in a construction site is used to perform a task and with the right personnel handling them, set goals and objectives will be achieved.

One of the things you are likely to see on a construction site is a Ute. It is an Australian term for describing vehicles that have an open area or tray behind the passenger space. The term “Ute” is derived from the word utility and it is used to describe the versatility of a vehicle in serving diverse needs.

When you are looking to hire a Ute, you will find that there are a lot of companies that advertise their vehicles. Making the right choice is dependent on your level of understanding of the vehicle. Fortunately, some companies make sure they give customers trucks that are in good condition with good rates. If you need recommendations on such companies, you can visit: http://cvghireadelaide.com.au/ute-hire  to learn more.

To help you with making a choice, we have discussed some popular Utes and their unique selling point. We also outlined tips to help you find a good hire service. Please read on to get more details.

Top Ute Brands to Go For

The following are some recommended models to choose from:

Mitsubishi Triton

This is a pacesetter for dual purpose Ute. Over the years it has been upgraded to serve the needs of users. The Mitsubishi Triton offers good stability, ultimate safety as well as superior control which gives it an edge over other trucks.

In terms of the dashboard, the Mitsubishi Triton is equipped with a plastic material while the switchgear cannot be considered to be smooth enough. The unique thing about this truck is its spaciousness which is not the same in other brands.

Nissan Navara

This is a superpower truck that is renowned for its strong engine. Although it comes at a cost, the performance meets the user’s expectation as its 7-speed gearbox makes it function at a great speed.

Volkswagen Amarok

This truck comes withs side steps, climate control, a sports bar, a leather seat, and a touchscreen facility. Amarok Ultimate comes with adequate safety control levels that allow users to detach airbags during an emergency. It also has a dashboard with storage bin and a power system for a Sat-Nav connection.

Mazda BT-50

This is one of the most affordable Utes you can find as it combines quality performance with value for money. It is equipped with a fog light, Sat-Nav, climate control, USB input, voice control, Bluetooth, and audio streaming. You will also find stability control features and airbags in this Ute.

Ford Ranger

This Ute is exclusively engineered and designed to suit the toughest conditions. The Ford Ranger comes with a tow bar, sports bar, rearview mirror, parking sensors, auto wipers, and headlights. This Ute provides stability control and six airbags to ensure adequate safety.

These are some of the top brands that come recommended. If you need more information about other brands, you can check here.

How to Find the Best Ute Hire Service

Understanding Ute Hire in Adelaide, SA

The following are some recommendations to help you choose:

Use Referrals

Construction workers know the best Ute service in town. You can ask some workers on the site or you ask colleagues who are handling a project elsewhere to recommend a good service to you. Certainly, you will get a few names that you can subject to personal scrutiny.

Do not accept to go for a particular service without checking out their services either through past customers or online reviews. The essence of doing this is to find out the condition of their trucks since you will be using them for your project. Do not hesitate to strike out any company you find unsatisfactory.

Search Online

Apart from asking colleagues and friends, you can easily run a search online to find a reputable Ute hire service near your area. With this, you will have access to several companies before you start checking them out to see the ones that suit your needs.

While searching online is an effective method, you have to be wary of fraudulent companies as well. There are so many fake companies on the internet and subjecting your options to critical evaluation will be a great idea. If you do not know how to identify scam sites, you can read articles on how to identify and avoid fake websites.

Analyze the Options Available

Ute hire service is as competitive as other services and this means that you will find several options when you want to hire. However, do not be in a hurry to avoid making a mistake. The best thing to do in this situation will be to conduct personal research to know the service that offers the best deal in terms of value and price.

Time Your Movement

Remember that the rental dates influence the quoted price. Weekend rates for Utes are usually high when compared with the rates for weekdays. If you have an understanding team, you can make sure you complete every project that will require the use of a Ute within the week.

Doing this will save you from paying extra fees that is included during weekends. Additionally, do not overwork the truck because you want to return it before the weekend. Timing your movement demands that you make adequate plans to accommodate fast usage and return to the service.

These are some important tips to help you if you are looking to hire a Ute. You can search the internet if you need more information.


Hiring a Ute goes a long way in making construction work easy especially if it is a strong brand. We have listed some top brands that can serve you effectively in this article. Additionally, you will also find some tips to help you during the selection process. Feel free to check them out.

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