4 Quintessential Vehicle Maintenance Tips in the Times of COVID!

4 Quintessential Vehicle Maintenance Tips in the Times of COVID!

4 Quintessential Vehicle Maintenance Tips in the Times of COVID!

Covid has propelled everyone to coop inside their homes. Restrictions and limitations are still imposed. Obviously, the use of vehicles in such circumstances has gone to a bare minimum. And since they are not in proper use, the chances are that they might start creating issues.

Hence, whether or not you are using the vehicle, you need to take care of your automobiles to leave you hanging when in need. But what is it that you are required to do?

So, without further delay, let us delve into the maintenance tips of your car during COVID-19!


Keep the interiors and exteriors of the car clean– What will happen if your car stands still at your house for a stretch of 1-2 months? It will start smelling from inside. Reasons can be many, so the best method here is to vacuum the carpet. The other way is to clean the car thoroughly. The easiest way to do it is to check the parts that you touch more often. For instance – Steering wheels, door handles, seats, etc.

So how can you clean it? Prepare a simple mixture of soap and water. Take microfiber cloth. Dip in the mixture and clean your automobile. However, make sure you don’t use bleach and hydrogen peroxide to clean your car because it can severely damage the upholstery.

Want to turn this into a fun activity? Then try plugging in some music and do the task simultaneously.


Charge the battery with driving – Obviously, you can’t drive much in this pandemic unless and until there is something urgent. But driving once a week (where you are not prohibited from going) is actually a clever idea.

It is the simplest way to curb the occurrence of a dead battery. If you want to recharge the battery of your car, then drive it at regular intervals, even if it’s for a shorter distance. According to Geyers Towing, nowadays, batteries last up to 3 years. Rest all depends upon how often you drive and maintain it.


Look out for pests – There can be many reasons if pests are finding their way to your car. For instance, it could be weather, food etc. Or in the case of a pandemic, it could be that you are not using your automobile. Therefore, take needed steps to keep pests and rodents away. Sanitize your car and keep it locked when not needed. After all, you don’t want to damage your most-loved asset?


Take care of the tires – Inactivity in driving may hamper the quality of the tires. So, to keep it away from tire damage, reposition your car at regular intervals. Check the air pressure of the tires every month. Take proper care of the tires because smooth tires are the necessity for flawless driving.


Bottom line

Why should we let COVID-19 impact our automobiles? Don’t let your vehicles feel alone in this pandemic. The above-mentioned simple measures will not only ensure your car in proper condition but also make it better for smooth running!

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