Geto Boys The World is a Ghetto for Throwback Thursday
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Geto Boys The World is a Ghetto for Throwback Thursday

Geto Boys The World is a Ghetto for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. With it being Good Friday, several people will have a three day weekend. This week my playlist consisted of a lot of mixtapes and it was five to be exact. G Unit Radio 14, Southern Smoke 21, Street Wars 2, Blend City 17 and Sexual Tendencies were the ones. The King album from T.I., the new Lox album, The Resurrection from the Geto Boys and Eardrum from Talib Kweli rounded out my week. On Friday, the Resurrection album from the Geto Boys will turn 25 years old. The members of the Geto Boys were Scarface, Willie D and the late, great Bushwick Bill. Bushwick Bill passed away almost two years ago from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. The featured Throwback Thursday track is the only single they released and it’s the World is a Ghetto.

The World is a Ghetto was their first single they released in about three years. The World is a Ghetto helped the Resurrection reach gold status. The Geto Boys was one of my favorite groups when I first got into hip hop. Check out the video for The World is a Ghetto above. Peep the track listing and stream links to check out the Resurrection album.

  1. Ghetto Prisoner
  2. Still
  3. The World is a Ghetto
  4. Open Minded ft. DMG
  5. Killer 4 Scratch
  6. Hold It Down ft. Facemob
  7. Blind Leading the Blind ft. Menace Clan
  8. First Light of the Day
  9. Time Taker
  10. Geto Boys and Girls
  11. Geto Fantasy
  12. I Just Wanna Die
  13. Niggas and Flies
  14. A Visit with Larry Hoover
  15. Point of No Return

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