4 Great Reasons to Switch to Traditional Razors

4 Great Reasons to Switch to Traditional Razors

4 Great Reasons to Switch to Traditional Razors

This year, you could make a drastic change from disposable shaving cream to a safety razor. Switching to a safety razor was one of the most straightforward swaps to do away with plastics, and you can even save money while doing it! If you’re looking to experience a superb and premium shave for less than a fraction of the cost, go traditional with shaving. It will be more enjoyable to use a safety razor and double-edged blades than those nasty corporate cartridges.

The safety razor became the first home razor in the 1800s. Its name came from the fact that, in theory, it provided a safer shaving experience at home than the straight razor commonly used in barbershops. Safe razors are usually only single blades, albeit sharp, that is sleeker than traditional drugstore razors.

Even though they may initially seem scary, safety razors provide a smooth and precise shave at an affordable cost, which is a lot greener than their commercial counterparts.

Here are viable reasons why you need to switch to traditional razors:

1. Eco-Friendly

Almost everyone shaves. That’s why hundreds of millions of plastic razors and cartridges are discarded annually. Their metal content is too embedded in plastic to be recycled, which ends up harming the environment. Thankfully, there are good alternatives. People who want to shave in the UK choose Shaving Time for reliable shaving products like safety razors.

Safety razors are the most eco-friendly way to shave. Prior to major shaving companies replacing these zero-waste products, people needed to buy disposable alternatives since they were widely available. Fortunately, the blade used in safety razors these days is stainless steel, which can easily be recycled.

Safety razor blades come with a double edge and have straight stainless-steel blades that are easily recyclable, whereas cartridge blades require even more resources to manufacture, particularly with their plastic housing. Consider the packaging of the cartridge razors as well.

Cartridge razors are often attached to a plastic display case that is hard to open, whereas safety razor blades or scissors are usually packed in cardboard boxes. The edges are also contained in paper sleeves.

Modern shave foams and gels are also not only more rigid in the environment than traditional methods, but they are also less effective than traditional shaving tools.

2. Better and More Comfortable Shave

4 Great Reasons to Switch to Traditional Razors

Some men may just want to groom and style your beard, but some would like to shave them off completely. A one-blade double-edged razor can perform better than a cartridge, only outperformed by a straight or cut-throat razor, which will require much more practice.

These are some things to know about this type of razor:

  • The quality and closeness of the shave of a safety razor are unmatched.
  • By using a brush to pull at the skin and exfoliate it, instead of additional blades, you are less likely to result in ingrown hairs.
  • Using well-formulated pre-shave oil and weighted razors means less pressure and scrubbing.
  • They are easier to clean, therefore, less likely to become infected.

Due to driven marketing campaigns, some cartridge razors can have multiple blades and vibrating functions that irritate the skin. This increases the risk of acquiring ingrown hair.

Safety razors are used to slowly remove all facial hair without pulling or tugging at it. A single sharp blade is used to do this rather than using multiple blades, which tend to pull and tug on your skin. If you use this type of razor, you will achieve a closer shave with minor irritation and less razor burn than modern razors.

3. Cost-Effective

You may save money if you switch to these old-school razors. Disposable ones are so expensive. Vintage razors have always used the same blade shape for years, in contrast to disposable stainless-steel blades.

Replacement razor blades are easy to get from most supermarkets or on the web, and they are relatively affordable. You could see your initial investment pay off in as little as one year.

The life expectancy of safety razor blades has been a subject of much discussion online. Usually, they can last up to ten shaves. You should replace your blade regardless of how many times you use it, which may be more or less than ten times.

4. Support Small Business

4 Great Reasons to Switch to Traditional Razors

It appears that several small businesses and artisan vendors supporting the shave craft hobby have emerged rapidly, creating a wet-shaving renaissance. You will be helping local economies grow by buying from small businesses rather than from large corporations. Additionally, you will be receiving better, personalized service as well. Take advantage of their offerings like organic shaving soaps and other traditional artistic razors.


While shaving with a blade traditionally, the skin is treated with respect as it’s stroked across the edge. Not only will you have a much more comfortable and cleaner shave, but, thanks to the vastly improved results, you’ll also be saving money. You will also be able to lessen the environmental impact by minimizing the use of disposable products. Now is the best time to shift to traditional razors.

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