Ghetto Quran by 50 Cent for Throwback Thursday
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Ghetto Quran by 50 Cent for Throwback Thursday

Ghetto Quran by 50 Cent for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. My playlist this week consisted of a lot of mixtapes. Southern Smoke 21, DJ Chuck T & 50 Cent, Dirty Harry and a Street Sweepers joint from Kay Slay. G Unit Radio 2 was also played, plus What a Time to Be Alive from Drake & Future. To finish things off, a couple of my personal joints to go with Short Dog’s in the House were on my list. We will highlight 50 Cent this week. As we all know, 50 have pretty much left hip hop behind and producing TV shows. We know about the highly popular and successful Power, but he’s got the show Life on ABC also. Recently, he’s been teasing a show or movie about the BMF after his Power spinoff shows.

Before all the television stuff, 50 killed the rap game with his Get Rich or Die Trying debut. Afterwards, the platinum records kept on coming. Hunger for More from Lloyd Banks and Straight Outta Cashville from Young Buck both sold well. The Documentary from Game and Tony Yayo’s debut joint sold great also. The Documentary from Game is viewed as one of the best hip hop albums ever. 50 also released a movie and soundtrack for Get Rich or Die Trying also. Before all that, 50 Cent was on the grind before getting shot. 50 Cent was set to release an album called the Power of the Dollar, but was shot and it never came out. Many people remember his track, How to Rob which had a lot of rappers pissed. One of the best tracks 50 ever recorded was called ghetto Quran.

Ghetto Quran was one of the highlights of the album and it’s my featured Throwback Thursday joint. The Power of the Dollar featured UGK and Destiny’s Child. The album is really dope and gutter which is what you expect from 50 Cent. Ghetto Quran, The Good Die Young, Corner Bodega, As the World Turns and How to Rob are my top 5 track. Check out the track listing below and unfortunately, this album is not available to stream.

  1. Intro
  2. The Hit
  3. The Good Die Young
  4. Corner Bodega (Coke Spot)
  5. Your Life’s on the Line
  6. That Ain’t Gangsta
  7. As the World Turns ft. UGK
  8. Ghetto Quran (Forgive Me)
  9. Da Repercussions
  10. Money by Any Means ft. Noreaga
  11. Material Girl ft. Dave Hollister
  12. Thug Love ft. Destiny’s Child
  13. Slow Doe
  14. Gun Runner ft. Black Child
  15. You Ain’t No Gangsta
  16. Power of the Dollar
  17. I’m a Hustler
  18. How to Rob ft. Mad Rapper
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