3 Awesome Ways Wrestling Represented in Popular Media
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3 Awesome Ways Wrestling Represented in Popular Media

As one of the most exciting sports in entertainment, wrestling has always been able to gather a huge fanbase from young viewers to older audiences, to those who have grown up watching the sport to first time regular viewers – with the huge uptick in regular viewers of combat sports as a whole through the success of the UFC, wrestling has certainly started to find a growing audience here too with an impressive roster of crossover athletes that have helped bring a lot of stardom to each sport.

A huge part of the commercial success for wrestling however has always been its own representation in different popular media, and with online streaming, podcasting, gaming, and all other aspects of media being so easy to access for so many, it has only continued to help in the success – but which are the biggest?

Recent uptick in podcasting – One of the most popular forms of media today has certainly been found in podcasting as the average joe and celebrities alike have all taken to sharing their own opinions and expertise – this is certainly something that has become popular for wrestling fans as former stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin have turned to podcasting as a way to share their own experience in the ring and bring on some big names still in the industry to share their experiences too. If you’re interested in wrestling and want an easy listen covering all aspects of the sport, there are plenty of options out there to keep you entertained.

Wrestling in gaming – With a string of fully developed console games and a spattering of offerings through things like slot machines at Max through a growing list of non-gamestop casinos, different variations and interests in wrestling games have always been present. Whilst often coming under criticism for not being as good as they should, there’s certainly an audience who come back year after year for the exciting aspects of wrestling games.

3 Awesome Ways Wrestling Represented in Popular Media

An opportunity now in streaming ­– Whilst wrestling does have its own streaming network, it has always thrived with the live shows and biggest events, but this past year could certainly help push for more change to deliver better streamed options and ways to deliver live shows to an online audience in different ways – the current streaming platform has come under some criticism for performance issues and other little things people felt needed change, but if change is coming then now is certainly the time.

The good news for fans is that the sport shows no signs of slowing down, and these forms of popular media will only continue to grow and increase in popularity too – keep your eye out for new forms of media becoming available in wrestling too and continue to get all the best wrestling content through all different forms of media.

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