A Detailed Look Ahead To WrestleMania 37
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A Detailed Look Ahead To WrestleMania 37

The WWE is one of the most watched combat sports in the whole world and has always been popular amongst many households dating back decades. However, the WWE community always comes together for events like this weekend as it is the pinnacle of the season as WrestleMania returns for its 37th episode this weekend. As WrestleMania always does promise fireworks every year, we do believe that this year has one of the most promising cards of recent times and below we preview some of the biggest fights on the card.

A Detailed Look Ahead To WrestleMania 37

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Of course, the main event that many of us are looking forward to is that of the WWE Championship in which champion Bobby Lashley takes on Drew McIntyre in which is the main event for the evening. Both Drew and Bobby will have been gutted to know that they have both won their maiden WWE championship without the fans which they would have been gutted to celebrate alone. There isn’t much substance between this rivalry and both fighters will just be fully focused on having their arm raised come the end of the fight and getting their name in the history books of capturing a win at WrestleMania. This is certainly an interesting matchup, but we do believe that it is Drew McIntyre’s time to capitalize on the big stage and what an opportunity to do so.

Another one of the big fights that we are certainly looking forward too, and possibly the most anticipated fight of the evening sees a triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Edge for the universal championship and what a matchup this is. All the odds have been against these three fighters, with Reigns and his leukemia, Bryan and his concussion issues and Edge with his broken neck, they have all fought against all odds to be in the position that they are in. Many have tipped Bryan to win the title, but we do believe that the stars are going to align for Edge and that it will be him coming away victorious as this seriously is his time.

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