See Why Wallpaper Isn't Just For the Ladies
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See Why Wallpaper Isn’t Just For the Ladies

See Why Wallpaper Isn't Just For the Ladies

In the year 2020, when all were trapped inside their homes, one trend took the Insta and Pinterest feeds by storm. While most selfies featured a minimalist background, #wallpaper girl was the one trending the ranks.

Soon the trend picked up the pace and many other influencers on social media adopted it.

However, this also created a significant disruption in the market for low-cost peel and stick wallpaper for homes.

But, noteworthy is the fact that wallpapers aren’t just for the ladies.

The Coolest Aesthetic

The trend not only brought notice to the wallpaper in the back but also the aesthetic appeal it added to the subject. For homes of all sizes and shapes, wallpapers can be a great aesthetic addition.

Be it the floral prints for the girls, or bold chevron patterns for home office spaces, the designs are not limited by gender-specific choices. For example, peel and stick ombre wallpaper is ideal for all rooms be it your entryway or your daughter’s room. It does not matter as long as you are choosing the color palette of your choice.

Old-World Opulence

Besides adding an oomph factor to your living space, wallpapers are surely a thing from the old world. Think of clicking a selfie in a dark-lit room with traditional apparel in front of a rustic wall.

Ideally, unless you own a heritage home, rustic and vintage walls are rare to witness in modern homes. And this fact makes it perfect to choose vintage-style low-cost peel and stick wallpaper for your interiors.

Quick Mood Changes

The best thing about wallpapers is – they are easy to replace. Not that you’ll be changing them every day or every week. But think of the times when you feel absolutely bored out of the view in front of you.

Well, whether you feel gleamy or gloomy, there’s a design to suit your mood. And most importantly you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to change the paint scheme of your walls. Simply replacing the old wallpapers with the new wall covering self adhesive ones, or fixing one on top of your already painted wall can do the trick.

Clearly, there are no gender-bound preferences when it comes to peel and stick wallpapers. They come in all sorts of colors, designs, textures, and patterns to suit every person’s needs. Associating wallpapers with ladies alone could be foolhardy. The trend on social media was only a way to get more viewers and did not reflect any specific choice for the gender.

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