Spice up Your Dad’s Life with These Incredible Concentrate Choices
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Spice up Your Dad’s Life with These Incredible Concentrate Choices

Spice up Your Dad’s Life with These Incredible Concentrate Choices

Are you a regular cannabis user? If yes, then it is time for you to try something new. You may have heard about CBD concentrates and their growing popularity in the world of cannabis. However, CBD concentrates are not a new concept in the world of marijuana.

The thing that makes concentrates a special and effective marijuana product is their potency and their ability to provide quick relief to its user. Moreover, these specifically engineered concentrates contain a high level of cannabidiol, which makes them ideal for vaping, dabbing, and as a part of edibles.

That said, if you want your dad to feel the same effects, now is the time to treat him to something unique and special. Here are the most extensively used concentrates around the globe, with their excellent health benefits. Let’ get started:

Live Resin

Many believe live resins to be the most effective of marijuana concentrates. It is because live resins can achieve potency levels of around 90 percent. However, if you still find asking yourself – what is live resin, the answer is right here. Simply put, live resin is derived from the buds that are frozen right after the harvest of the herb. The cooling process further preserves a vast number of volatile terpenes that otherwise get destroyed during the process of drying and curing.

Therefore, when you develop concentrates from these iced flowers, you get a “live” resin packed with flavor and richness. So when you are using this highly efficient concentrate, you get instant relief from all the problems that cannabis is dealing with. Moreover, your dad gets to try something unique and selective.


Wax is one of the thickest CBD concentrates that goes well with rigs, dabs, and vapes. Wax is usually darker in color when compared to other CBD concentrates available in the market. Apart from CBD, it contains a collection of synergistic phytochemicals, including flavonoids and terpenes. Additionally, it includes a few outer components, which give it a unique texture. All these factors make for a perfect getaway after a long day at work. Moreover, with its effects, your dad’s mind will once again feel relaxed and rejuvenated the next day at work.

That said, many techniques help in the extraction of wax. But, superficial CO2 extraction is still the number one technique used to produce high-quality and clean extracts.


Yes! You have guessed it right. Budder is somewhat akin to butter. It is a fuzzy and creamy concentrate that you can quickly and effectively use with a dab or vape.

Manufacturers produce budder after purifying CBD extract with the help of increased air pressures, high temperatures, and by beating the mixture continuously. Like wax, budder comes into existence via CO2 and butane extraction; hence its potency and effectiveness are the same.

In Conclusion

With our hectic lifestyle, we all need something that relaxes our body and mind simultaneously. So it’s the best option to give your dad who is constantly busy dealing with the world. In short, CBD concentrates can provide your dad with the required physical and mental strength to get on with the day with peace and happiness.

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