Inside and Outside Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021
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Inside and Outside Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

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We are still waiting for the springtime to become full-time in the state of Georgia. We have had a few days of beautiful weather, but we have some cooler days coming. Either way, with more beautiful and warm days now it’s time to get to cleaning. One of the things we look forward to the most if doing some spring cleaning. For the kids, this is something they are not too fond of. With the ongoing pandemic and staying in the house for almost a year, it will be more in depth this year. Check out the 8 ways we spring clean the inside and outside of the house.


Inside and Outside Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

Check and Change Filter

In Georgia, the pollen is some of the worse we have had this early in the spring. During the spring and summer, we tend to check on the filters more often. We have our subscription to Filter Snap for the Ultimate One. The Ultimate One is for people in your family that suffer from allergies or asthma. With the Coronavirus still lurking, we need something that will clean the air a little better.

Clean All Window Seals

The windows take a beating throughout the winter months. They are filled with dust, dead insects, leaves and a little bit of everything. Seeing we like to keep the windows open throughout the warm months, we clean these also. For this, I’ll use our Bissell Steam Shot to clean all the window seals throughout the house.

Dust and Wipe Down Everything

We wipe and dust everything down imaginable. Whether we’re dusting wood products or just cleaning other material, we have something for it. We have Liquid Gold cleaners that we use all the time. We highlighted how we used it for the cleaning during Christmas and New Year’s. Liquid Gold keeps everything looking nice and clean, plus it smells great also. Since I’m pretty tall, we also use it to wipe down the ceiling fans also. You have your multi-surface cleaner and also strictly for wood.

Declutter the Garage and All Rooms

One thing we have been bad at for years and cluttering the garage. My wife usually puts Christmas, Easter, Halloween and any other seasonal decorations down there. Every couple of years, we rent one of those big garbage cans and just get rid of a bunch of stuff. After going through the rooms, closets, kitchen and the garage, we toss it all away.

Wash Everything

This is the time to wash our area rugs, throws and curtains. We also clean all the covers, pillow cases and anything that can fit inside the washer machine.

Clean Cabinets and Fridge

We all have those habits of buying more than you need throughout the winter. You never know when a storm can come through and knock out power to your house. There are times that the kids leave things in the fridge that get overlooked. We wipe down the cabinets after removing everything. We also do the same with the fridge also. During this time, I’ll remove the draws and steam clean them and inside the fridge also.


Inside and Outside Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

Pressure Wash Everything

We usually start on the outside with our yearly spring cleaning. After cutting the grass, we normally pressure wash everything. The front porch, sidewalks, driveway, the house and our deck is what we clean. This is the second year we have had our Worx Portable Power Cleaner.

Take Care of Lawn, Hedges and Outside Appearance

With it being springtime, we know this is the time when the grass starts to grow. In addition to growing grass, we also see crabgrass and weeds starting to emerge. We live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association and they will fine you. Before cutting grass, we have to apply some weed killer onto our grass. We also like to add mulch around the front of the house also. When doing that, it makes your home look much better.

Clean Mailbox

With the bad weather throughout the winter months your mailbox takes a beating. We usually clean up the mailbox real good and even repaint it. Once again, this is one of the things the Homeowners Association will issue a fine for.

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