3 Helpful Ways to Make Friends as an Adult
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3 Helpful Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

3 Helpful Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

When you’re a child, making friends is easy. All you need to do is run up to the first kid you see in the playground and start playing. But as an adult, things aren’t so simple.

There comes a point in life when your friendship circle ceases to grow. Your casual acquaintances and old drinking buddies have moved onto new things, or you realize you were never that close in the first place. Only the true friends stick around. But if you don’t have a large support circle around you, it can be hard on your mental health, leading to feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.

So why is it so hard to make friends when you’re a grownup? It’s aptly down to a lack of opportunities. When you’re younger, you move around a lot, changing schools, social circles, clubs, and houses. But when you’re older to tend to stick to an established routine. You go to the same job, continue the same hobbies, and spend time with the same people over and over again.

But it’s never too late in life to make friends. By putting yourself out there and changing your set ways, you will enable yourself to meet new people and establish lifelong relationships. Here are three tips to get you started.

Start a new hobby

Is there a pastime that you’ve always considered getting into but never summoned up the motivation or courage? Perhaps you’ve considered trying your hand at poker or joining an open water swimming club. Or maybe you’d be willing to experiment with something completely new and crazy like skydiving or white water rafting. For most hobbies, you will find there is a huge community rallying around this one activity and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Turn acquaintances into friends

We all have those people who are a constant presence in our lives, yet we never get to know them beyond the most basic small talk. Perhaps they are your colleagues, your neighbors, or the man you always see propping up the bar in your local drinking hole.

If you can turn your general acquaintances into friends that last for the rest of your life, there won’t be anything weird about inviting them around for Ashton cigars and a cookout in the yard. You can make friends in so many different ways, but when you turn acquaintances into besties, you will end up with a stronger crew surrounding you when you need them. The right conversations and the right cigars create that bonding experience so that you can deepen connections with others – something you definitely need in life.

Whoever it is, why not start up a proper conversation with them? Or better yet, invite your coworkers to a social event such as a group golf trip (https://www.mtievents.com/personal-and-leisure-travel/group-golf-trip-planning/). You might find commonalities that turn you from casual acquaintances into best friends.

Ask your loved ones

Your existing friends or family members will have plenty of people in their social circles that you would get on well with. It might be worth asking whether they can introduce you to someone they know who has similar interests. To increase your chances of success, make your request specific. For example, let your loved one know you are on the hunt for a drinking buddy, a yoga partner, or a running companion.

In conclusion, although it is hard to make new friends as an adult, it is easily achievable as long as you put yourself out there and embrace new experiences. By following these three tips, it won’t be long before you find yourself a new buddy to spend your time with.

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