The Easy Solution When You Lose Your Car Keys
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The Easy Solution When You Lose Your Car Keys

The Easy Solution When You Lose Your Car Keys

After coming back to the car, realizing that you have lost keys is not uncommon. Irrespective of how careful you try to be, in some cases, the reason is negligence and an accident. In those times, being locked out of the car is never a clever idea, and that is when you wish you could get the situation at hand in control. If you have an older car, the mechanisms lacking complexities are much easier to unlock. However, for modern vehicles equipped with advanced security systems, the solution isn’t as easy.

If you have been in this kind of situation before, then there are some things that you can do instead of panicking, and here are a couple of them.

Transponder Keys

It is one step forward from the most traditional style of lock mechanisms. The transponder keys have built-in chips which send signals to the ECU when the right set of passkeys is used. This function allows it to start the engine of the car. It is for sure an advanced form of the traditional key. In case you lose them, you can contact a locksmith provider who has expertise in this line of work. According to the experts at Able Lock Shop, things like vehicle anti-theft systems, high-security key duplication, and chip key replacements can also be taken care of when required. Professionals have spare keys with the same chips, which can easily tune your car when needed.

Key with Fob

Owning a key with an external fob may look very convenient, as if you lose your keys, you can still get inside the car using your key. If you happen to lose access, the locksmith can still fix it for you quickly. You can always buy a fob and attach it later to it.

Keys with Attached Fobs

This is a style which some of the car manufacturers like to go with. The keys are foldable and are attached with the Fobs. But as easy as it makes for you not to carry the fob and the key separately, it can land you up in significant trouble if you lose it. For this situation, you can either make use of the spare key or head to the car dealership for a new one made.

Smart key

With technological advancements, almost all cars now have keyless entries with a push-button start. In case of a critical loss, you would need to head over to the dealership to get a new car key and the fob programmed for you. In some cases, if they do not have it, you may also need to wait for some time for it to get in stock.

The Last Word

Losing car keys is never a good thing as it can lead to unnecessary trouble and additional expenditure. As they say, prevention is always better than cure; try not to lose them in the first place. In case you do, we hope that this article provides you with enough information to know how to handle such a situation. Remember not to get nervous and follow the instructions as relayed, and you shall be just fine.

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