Great Tools to Help You Brainstorm for Your Business

Great Tools to Help You Brainstorm for Your Business

Great Tools to Help You Brainstorm for Your Business

Building on an idea for a business can take your thoughts to the next level if done carefully. Allow your creativity to run wild and always back up your ideas with facts and research. Brainstorming has come a long way since we used to use pen and paper. There are countless tools and websites with the online movement that can help you brainstorm your business and take it to new heights.


IdeaBoardz is a brilliant tool to get you brainstorming your business idea. It is entirely free to use and advertises itself as a tool to help you brainstorm, retrospect and collaborate. It has a clear format on a digital whiteboard with post it notes so that users can interact with the ideas. You create an idea board and then share the URL with whoever you want to from friends to co-workers. This option can help a business owner grow their idea.

If you ask for others’ thoughts on a project, chances are that they will have new takes on the same point and help you take your business idea further with their experience. IdeaBoardz offers a number of ‘stickies’, which are templates to help you create your board. You can search through the options and edit them or create your very own stickies. IdeaBoardz is such a great tool and can help you get started before you take your business further.


Miro is a real-time idea board that is perfect for collaborations. They offer free and paid-for plans so you can upgrade and have access to more features. The free plan is fairly comprehensive. It allows for as many team members as you like to use the service, and offers three editable boards and premade templates. Miro is a great way to grow a business idea by working with others to achieve the best possible outcome.


Freeplane is an open source option for mind maps, it is free to download and use. Freeplane has a simple interface that is great for getting ideas down into an organized and clear space to leave you free to build up the rest of your plan. Freeplane is used by business owners and school children to grow and enhance their ideas.


Mindly is a simple interfaced tool that looks aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to select circles and fill them in on a white background. It is great for a simple brainstorm that you might want to use for creative ideas or speeches. It allows the user to interact with their ideas and see them clearly, which is perfect if you have to present your business idea to a team.

The Brain

The Brain is a great tool; it is visually appealing and a perfect option if you want to create a professional mind map. You can create it so that as you shift your focus and build on an idea The Brain moves with you, changing the aspect of the mind map as you reach deeper into it. It is a brilliant resource and will keep your brainstorming organized and professional without the need for much work on your part.


LogoCreator is a fantastic tool for brainstorming your logo and brand ideas. It is entirely free to use and you can create and download as many logos as you wish. It has many templates to choose from and you can import images to design an entirely new logo if you so wish. LogoCreator is great for pushing your business idea to the next level and figuring out exactly the branding you want for your new business.

Remember that brainstorming is a fun and creative way to give your business a jump start. Use these tools if they help and you can always have a pen and paper with you to assist the process. Using online tools to build and collaborate on a new business idea can be the perfect way to grow your business.

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