Garden Games: 3 Fun Portable Games Equipment
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Garden Games: 3 Fun Portable Games Equipment

If you would love to get the entire family up and onto their feet to get fitter or to just have fun, portable games equipment is a great category to swim in. but why portable? For one thing, you can neatly tuck it away when you’re done playing whatever game or game it is. The other is that it’s not going to be fixed to your home, whereby it could be damaged. Nobody wants to have bricks pulled out of their wall when someone does a slam dunk. Another is that you can take it away with you on a road trip and have fun wherever you are. These are the top 3 portable games equipment choices you have.

Portable lacrosse

A few lacrosse catchers, a few helmets and pads, and a couple of nets. All you need for a lacrosse game can be packed up neatly in your trunk or strapped on top of your car’s roof. Lacrosse is a very fun game that involves fast action swings, a lot of nimble running and quick movements to fool your opponent. Lacrosse is something the children will love to play because they have the advantage of being small, fast and the freedom to swing their catcher to hurl the ball. All you need is about 20-30 feet to play this. You can play this in your garden, in a field while on a road trip, or even on coastal plains.

Portable basketball

If you like to play basketball but don’t have access to courts, then you should look at your options of portable basketball nets on Basketballfly. Having such a net in your backyard brings the court home to you. You don’t need expensive equipment to have lots of fun. Just be sure that you read the review and see which brand is making products worth buying. Some of them are really strong, allowing for dunks, but somehow they don’t always turn up to your home with all the parts. This is something that you need to know about before you buy as a basketball net becomes useless without parts like a counterweight, netting that won’t rip and a backboard that won’t break.

Garden Games: 3 Fun Portable Games Equipment

Rebounder net

If you have kids who love tennis, a rebounder net is a great way to let them blow off some steam and get some practice. It’s a simple net with a highlighted square or target zone that the player must aim at. The next will rebound the balls in a predictable trajectory, making the balls easy to catch. However, you can also point the net towards a safe zone where balls can just rebound into and be ready to be collected. The net can be set up in a minute or so, and there are lots of different target patterns to choose from. A central target or perhaps small targets around the net produce a healthy challenge.

Portable games are great for a household that doesn’t have of a garden space, access to local sports or wants to practice their sport at home. Give one of these a try if you can.

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