4 Tricks To Solve Your Battery Issues Instead Of Buying A New iPhone

4 Tricks To Solve Your Battery Issues Instead Of Buying A New iPhone

Battery drain is one of the most common problems people have with iPhones. After you’ve had it for about a year, you’ll notice that the battery starts running down much faster and it takes way longer to charge. Sometimes, your phone has reached the end of its useful lifespan and it’s time to get a replacement. However, before you start looking at an upgrade, you should see if there is anything you can do.

4 Tricks To Solve Your Battery Issues Instead Of Buying A New iPhone

We are all so quick to get rid of tech and replace it when it has a minor problem and people tend to assume that the battery is just built to break. Although that is often the case, there are ways to fix it and extend your gadget’s lifespan. These are the best ways to deal with battery problems on an iPhone.

Reset Your Phone

You’d be surprised how many problems with iPhones and all sorts of other gadgets can be fixed with a hard reset. Forcing a hard reset on your iPhone can kickstart it and get the battery working normally again. On newer models, holding the side button and volume down buttons at the same time will reset it. On older models, it’s slightly different so you can use this guide to find the right button combination for your iPhone. In many cases, your battery will go back to normal after a reset.

Recalibrate the Battery

Sometimes, your iPhone gets the battery percentage wrong, which is why it will suddenly die, even if it still says that it has some battery in it. By recalibrating it, you can solve this issue so it is more accurate, and it will improve the overall performance of the battery too. You can find some great iOS tutorials on Kubadownload.com that will take you through the process. In simple terms, it involves letting the battery run down completely and leaving it overnight to drain it before charging it back up again. This is a simple trick that can fix the issue, but most people are unaware of it.

Check Your Charger

This seems like an obvious one, but people always assume the problem is with the phone itself. However, your phone might not be charging well because the charger itself isn’t working properly. If you try another charger, you might find that it works fine. If you are still using the stock charger that comes with the phone, consider upgrading to a better one.

Check Your Apps

Certain apps drain a lot of battery, even if they are running in the background. Even if your battery is working perfectly, your phone will still keep dying all the time because you’ve got loads of power-hungry apps running in the background all the time. If you go into the settings and go to battery, you can see how much battery each app is using. Getting rid of any apps that drain too much battery (provided you don’t need them) will make a big difference and could solve your battery problems. Visit Komando.com for a list of some of the worst apps for draining your battery.

Before you spend money on a new phone, try these tricks to solve your battery issues.

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