Podcasting on SoundCloud Is the Easiest Setup
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Podcasting on SoundCloud Is the Easiest Setup

Podcasting on SoundCloud Is the Easiest Setup

As podcasting is increasing in popularity, many content creators, influencers, and businesses are using podcasting as a way to reach a wide audience instantly. If you’re thinking of starting a podcast on a budget, you should try SoundCloud.

How Do Podcasts Get Distributed on SoundCloud?

There are many ways that users can find podcasts on SoundCloud, including recommendations, popular tab, and sharing. You can easily get SoundCloud plays as people share your podcast between each other.

Benefits of Using SoundCloud For Podcasting

Several features on SoundCloud can be advantageous for Podcasters, especially for those who are just starting. Although it is a simple app, it comes with many features that can be useful in the long-run and not just for aspiring podcasters.

Easy Setup and Built-In Recording

If you’re just starting a podcast, you probably don’t have a dedicated microphone and haven’t experimented yet. SoundCloud’s user interface is quite simple and easy to use, for listeners and podcasters alike. You can even use your smartphone or laptop microphone to record directly into SoundCloud. If you prefer to edit your episodes before uploading them, you still have the option to upload a file from your computer or smartphone.

Widgets for Your Website

You probably already know that it’s preferable to have a website if you want to promote anything online. SoundCloud allows users to add widgets to websites that play a music track or podcast. Add this to your website or allow sponsors the right to distribute your podcast by adding the widget to theirs.

Social Interaction with Users

Probably the most unique feature on SoundCloud is that users can comment (like on social media platforms) while listening to an audio stream. This means they can comment on specific parts of your podcast. This can be used as a way to research your listeners and learn of their preferences. It can also be a method of popularizing your podcast further because it counts as user generated marketing.

Use SoundCloud For Your RSS feed

There is no doubt that using a variety of platforms to distribute your podcast will help you reach more listeners. When you upload your podcast on SoundCloud, you’re not limited by the platform in any way. Instead, users can create an RSS feed to share on other platforms and reach more potential listeners. In case you aren’t familiar with what an RSS feed is, all you need to know is that it is a system that online users can use to keep people updated with their content. In your case, it is a way to send notifications of new episodes to your users on a variety of platforms such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and others.

Starting a podcast has never been easier, and SoundCloud is the most suitable to start with. Even seasoned podcasters use the service for its simple setup and feature-rich app. Additionally, the prices that SoundCloud charges for uploading podcasts (or music) are reasonably low, so you can upload a fair amount of content without breaking the bank.

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