7 Tips to Consider Before Starting a Small Business
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7 Tips to Consider Before Starting a Small Business

7 Tips to Consider Before Starting a Small Business

It only takes a brief time as a second for an idea of starting a small business to cross your mind. This could be a clever idea for those who are tired of routine jobs and those who are tired of being idle. It could be a motivating idea when you think of being controlled by your boss every day.

Starting a small business may seem to be a simple task, but it is not as simple as one may think. It has so many challenges that one may not know unless you start it. Therefore, there are so many factors you have to consider before starting a small business. Here are some of those factors.

1. Nature of the Business

The first thing that must come into your mind when you think of starting a business is the products you will sell. You can choose to offer services, manufactured goods, or processed goods. The nature of the business you decide to start will all depend on the amount of starting capital you have.

Services may include transport services and a food kiosk. Manufacturing involves using raw materials and labor to come up with more suitable products such as manufacturing sugar. Moreover, you utilize social media and third party social media services like  subscribers to expand your business.

2. Location

This is another factor to consider before starting a business. You have to choose the most strategic place that will enable you to get a maximum number of customers. Besides that, you also have to consider the people living around such as age, preferences, and social status.

Once you have known the type of goods you are going to sell, the next thing you need to consider if there is a market for the goods and services. If there is no available market, then you have to consider branding your products to suit the needs of the people living around the chosen place.

3. Target Customers

Customers are the most important asset in a business, and therefore their interests and preferences must be considered first. After you have known the people, you will be selling to; the next thing is to consider whether your products will satisfy them or not.

You have to ensure you know your target audience, whether the youth or the old and their preferences. The next thing is to consider what to put in place to ensure your products and services satisfy them. All the factors put in place will have a significant impact on the business.

4. Capital

Capital is the first factor to consider after coming up with an idea to start a business. Capital required to start a business can be in cash non-cash. Therefore, you need to list down all the possible expenses and then calculate the total possible cost.

Capital should be part of your business plan and should come before even thinking of what to sell. Starting a business without enough capital can be the largest mistake to make. Even if it means borrowing from other firms or taking a loan, all you need to have is enough capital to finish the project. Not having enough money may make all the money already used go to waste. Also, you ensure you borrow what you can repay.

5. Government Compliance

Compliance with the government rules is another factor to consider before starting a business. It is one of the factors that most small businesses neglect despite it being a key factor. Government issues guidelines such as taxes to be paid after a given period, such as monthly or yearly. Most businesses have neglected it and have ended paying huge penalties at a later date.

6. Marketing

Making a plan on how you are going to market your products is a very important factor to consider before you start a business. A market plan is what determines the number of customers in a business. As a businessperson, you should not only depend on one channel for selling your products. Customers are being chased, and therefore you should for various channels for reaching your customers.

You can also use the online platform as it is the place where most of the potential customers spend their time. Another way to market your products is to partner with other businesspeople who sell different products. They can offer a good market for your products, and this will make your business grow.

7. Suppliers

You should also put into consideration the people who will be supplying the products you will sell. Whether they are available or not and the means of transport they will use to provide the products. You should consider their prices and reliability. If you don’t correctly consider this factor, then you may run out of stoke. It will therefore lead to loss of customers from your business.


Starting a business is a good idea but how it will grow is the most important. Therefore, you have to put the above factors into consideration before you start your business. The factors will enable the smooth operation of your business.

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